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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley Feb 8, 2000 1:34 PM Flag

    Mimi your not alone!

    friend of mind told me the sum of the parts
    analysis for PSSI could support a price in the high
    teens...BUT because some parts are currently considered
    "damaged goods", a price of $15-16 is reasonable. Hey, who
    knows...I'm in under $7 and have enough shares that any
    reasonable price (in the teens) makes sense. Good luck

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    • I was reading Barron's paper this week,
      another company
      -not in the same industry as
      was hurt bad a few days ago, when
      the revenue
      was not what the street
      aniticipated, but still
      Its stock(INSO) went(check this out!!!!)
      $42 to $12 in a single day.
      INSO contacted Morgan
      Stanley to consider
      a possible sale of the

      Another stock(IMRS) went down to $8.5 from

      $10.50 when it announced(few days back)
      that instead
      of having a profitable quarter,
      they will lose
      15 cents per share.
      However, IMRS did not
      contact any Wall Street
      firm to possibly set up the
      company for sale.
      The stock recovered since then and
      is around $9.83

      What is these
      stories mean?
      Well, some companies think they can not
      better in the short term and to calm
      and insiders, put up the company for

      Is this the right conclusion?
      Any freaking
      experts out there?