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  • fidelity111 fidelity111 Apr 17, 2008 9:42 PM Flag

    is $20.50 really the price?

    Will Mth get $20.50. Or is the price to MTH still to be determined depending on how the sale goes?

    I remember in 2005 they did a stock offering at $67.50. But then it turned out that proceeds were a few dollars less than thta.

    What is a fair price to buy the stock on the open mkt? I'm afraid if i buy at $20.90 that the offering will drive it lower until closing. Is this a valid concern?

    Also, can someone explain how the hell they can sell 4 million shares at $20.50 but yet there were no buyers at $11, $10, $9, $8 just 3 months ago. Economy and housing is even much worse today than in Jan and all of Q4 when the stock traded $7 to $17. How the hell does that work??

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    • On Yahoo it says that 94% of this stock is held by institutions. If the institutions don't sell, it seems like it'd be pretty easy to manipulate the remaining 6% of the shares to fool the retails. I have been wondering the last month why all the other HBs were down 20% why this was the only terd that wasn't budging.

      Perhaps MTH or the banks manipulated MTH's price through an institution in order to raise the price for the offering and raise more cash to help the debtholders (banks)?

      I noticed only banks were in on the offering. What would the price have been if it were offered publicly? I have a feeling these are the same banks that are debtholders. Is there a way to find out who the debtholders are? The only ones that benefit from stock dilution are debtholders.

    • Housing may be worse, but it's reaching a bottom. Inventory will soon be depleted and people will pay to have a place to live. Remember...SUPPLY and DEMAND?

    • From the 8k. Mth will receive 19.375 in proceeds.

    • I was waiting for them to yank this POS up to $25/sh, but it doesn't look like it will get there. How on earth they plan on selling 4x the 3Mo heavy short squeeze volume is beyond me. Infact this stock coming back from the single digits is a friggin miracle. Wall street seems to be in a pump mode right before another mega plunge.

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