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  • jarjarhunt jarjarhunt Jul 11, 2009 5:49 PM Flag

    Meritage Puts

    Somebody has a hunch that news is about to break and earnings will fall short or they would not have taken such a huge position on a low float stock. One thing keeping this stock afloat is institutional support and their low float. There is no way that their re-shaped business model will be timely and effective. They do not have near the marketing push and certainly do not have the relationships with the realtor community (half of new home sales are co-broker) that others do. During the huge run up a few builders were known to have hacked commissions to brokers and Meritage was one of them. Something negative is pending and I cant quite put my finger on it. -C

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    • Not only the puts, but the calls. Take a look. The have a hugh premium! Even in the money calls are carrying a big premium. There must be big bets on both sides.

    • I wish it were that easy. The "guy" who "purchased"(how do they know if "he" purchased or sold all those puts?) may be making a bet, but he may or may not know anything. Just because "he" made a large transaction doesn't mean "his" hunch will necessarily be right. I mean, I hope "he's" right but given the price action recently, that is just hope. The market is always right, they say, so no point in arguing with Mr. Market.

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