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  • bmachineny bmachineny May 15, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    David Burke Partners with Crumbs Bake Shop!

    Bingo! That's the idea of what I'm talking about. Great cupcakes but the only hope for the company is to have quality add ons.

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    • let me see...maybe they should now start selling twix to complement the sandwiches and coffee...oh wait I forgot, that will cannibalize the cupcakes. LOL!

    • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester May 16, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

      this looks like a good salvation plan but again we are investing here for them being a niche player in cupcakes and to find a way to make a cupcake dominator profitable and build a moat in this niche. if they are looking to hold the company afloat by offering this and that sideline products, it dilutes what the company is known for and just becomes like investing in any mom and pop in the mall.

      so what is the brand now? Crumbs sandwiches and cupcakes?

      I sold out at a loss and will never look back on this one. Everything they are going back on (cutting inline stores, going to sandwiches, etc.) you can say it is to save a dollar and lead to generating dollars, but in the long term, they will not have any specific following or niche that they would be known for like starbucks, krispy kreme or jamba juice Is known for.

      even serruya seems to have changed his mind on the investment hence assigning most of the private placement to another firm.

      I wanted to see them develop a method to be a leader in being a cupcake provider like turn cupcakes into what see's candies did for chocolates, or starbucks did for coffee. sandwiches may sell enough to pay the rent, but I don't see anyone specifically going out of their way and paying a premium simply to get a cupcake sandwich. you can't fool everyone, people habitually go to a specific place because they want to go to the place they believe is a leader for a particular product or service. If they go into sandwiches, what's stopping starbucks from offering cupcakes?

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      • You are clueless. Just selling cupcakes will not do it. Does Dunkin just sell doughnuts? Does panera just sell bread? Does Starbucks just sell coffee? They should also sign an agreement with a good coffe company along with other a few other products. Great move. Hopefully they will continue to seek out exclusive partnerships. It's their only hope. Starbucks can go ahead and try it. It is not what they are known for. Crumbs will stand out on their first to market unique product. Is Dunkin Doughnuts.putting Krispy Kreme out of business? Dunkin DOUGHNUTS has great coffee but can't even come close to KKD DOUGHNUTS. Your reasoning is baseless..

      • They're becoming a shop specializing in high-end items. There are many of these, but those with a few of your favorite high-end items tend to get the business of couples/families more often than those with merely a niche

        I gave this up for bankrupt on its descent from 3 to 1.3, but now think it's one of the safest stocks out there to go up. That said, it might take until next quarterly report before it starts making a nice move up...

        Sentiment: Buy