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  • appendixman appendixman Apr 25, 2014 12:51 PM Flag

    Who is even trading this stock?

    Like...what's going on? :/

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    • The insiders are probably selling their sub-penny shares today. From that one interview Slezak gave (where he said mall sales "fell off a cliff", and that cupcakes were too small a market, etc), he seems to have given negative spins on almost everything that seemed like a positive to me about the company, and its plans for the future.
      All the articles spun out of the BJ's press release spin it negatively too -- that they've now had to stoop to selling in supermarkets, etc -- and now I just don't buy it that Slezak or the company give a hoot about shareholders. They've said nothing about this bizarrely traded stock, and have done nothing to suggest they have real skin in the game. Buying shares at .0001 does not equate to real skin in the game.

      As for Fischer? I'm pretty sure he gets the company if they go bankrupt, so I'm not really sure if he cares whether it heads higher or not. Hopefully this very negative post will be a positive for the stock. I so hope to get out soon without also getting crushed..