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  • m5_research m5_research Oct 20, 2005 3:32 PM Flag

    Cost average point for PGH

    Given the exceedingly bearish tone of todays market across the board, I would cost average into this stock or buy much till the end of the day. We could be headed for a huge down draft on Friday in the general market.


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    • LOL Dont want em to think Im crazy, actually Kurt Wulff calculates the Oil stock prices now factor in ~ $41 oil. Stocks are cheap!! Right here, right now.

    • It makes sense to me, but now double those figures.

    • In my world, as the yield approaches one percent per month return, its a bargain compared to utilities and bonds. All that, some tax shelter and I bet we get a boost in dividends along the ERF model to boot. Even though Oil and Ngas are backing down a bit now (refco?) factor in a possible decline in the dollar, rise in the loonie and oil and Ngas still higher than in Dec 2004 (price is the same as back then) and its a deal!!! At least thats MHO

    • I once said to someone, "that price is a joke, it's not worth that". He said "It is worth whatever someone will pay for it".

    • I was a long time holder of this great company and SPH, a propane company in the US. Unfortunately, I sold them way, way to early. $20 may not be the bottom, but unless the yield gets cut in half its a great long-term play again. The US$ looks to weaken, especially against natual resource countries like CDN, AUS, NZ so that too helps a bit.

    • look at it logically,the price anytime we buy it is the market price and not really a great buy, even if it hit 20 tomoorow which it will,does not make it a great buy as you are getting the market price of what someone is willing to sell. now who knows how many other sellers there are out there,even some that thoughyt they caught the bottom yesterday and will take a small and be a seller tomorrow. that said friday will probly be a down day, and a chance mabe to put some toes in the water without getting burned too much. large players (NOT INVESTORS) generally dont want to hold positions over the weekend, and will probably be sellers in the afternoon. this price may not be the bottom but this a good a place to lay some bets down, not the whole truck, but mabe a jeep position. i sold a position last month, and thought i made an error, but the stock is now over 3 points lower, so i can afford to walk in which i will friday afternoon if is down below 20, if not this is a game of PATIENCE.

    • Don't you mean cost average out of this stack?

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