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  • rcunj rcunj Dec 27, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

    New 52 week low

    It's hard to believe there are people on this board still trying to pump this Co. and management, when the stock is now sitting only $0.03 away from a new 52 week low, these folks must be PGH employee's. Ever since management converted PGH the share price has done nothing but crash and management has failed in there obligation to shareholders, it's just that simple. Look at the pps, look where we came from, and where we are nows and the direction the Co. and share price is heading, and with oil over $90. pb. There are no excuses, management has failed and to ashamed to even release a statement to shareholders. There silence is deafening, and screams a loud ominous warning.

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    • I am not pumping this stock. I am saying it has done a pretty decent job thru the hardest few years in recent history. The lattest asset sale should help thru the next few months while congress, The great Harvard and Yale minds, Decide how to go forward. I really Doubt the These college grads could have been this enept, I think it is all done on purpose to manipulate stock prices. Just like the Rothchilds did with Napoleon and the British stock market. Made Millions. Weee Ha.

    • prometheus_bringsfire prometheus_bringsfire Dec 27, 2012 11:25 AM Flag

      It's had to believe there are posters here, seem to think that making the choices others make
      PERSONAL has any merit. Facts are facts, pump is pump, dump is dump, while false assertions are what they are --- incorrect. This is essentially a new company. If you do not like the risk SELL it !! (is that pumping?)

      Where's rcunj's objective data?
      And the DATA is OUT THERE, on boards, in reviews, much on the PGH web site.

      rcunj's silly turning personal attacks, do not the real world make !

      Next he will say: The 100,000 shares purchased by management in the last few weeks was a parlor trick to prop the company up while they sold non-core assets to -- harm selves and others?

      Apple down, Cat down, even Gold down........... Oh my, my, my; The sky is falling?
      Are the millions of people across the mid-west going to start breaking up their furniture to keep their houses warm? Are all jobs and need for oil going away? Is there no bottom to the Fiscal cliff? Or is more like a slippery slope, similar to the changes of tax law motivated this company to
      move from Royalty Trust to Corporation along with mergers and reported cash being spent to develop new resources..

      Round and Round the Merry Go Round, the Monkey Chased the Wiesel, Monkey thought it so
      much fun, POP goes the Wiesel !

    • I've been adding below $4.. Not happy with that the PPS however today's drop is due to Washington's overall ineptness along with year end tax loss selling.. With the assets that PGH owns and the fact that Oil is over $90 I'm either getting a buy of a lifetime or the demand for fossil fuel is slowing down to the point that it's the end of PGH... time will tell..

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