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  • zephcat01 zephcat01 Dec 27, 2012 9:25 PM Flag

    New 52 week low

    Just curious what was your position on Ford when it was down to $1.00 I remember people slamming PGH at the same time saying is was dead.. I didn't get in because of all the ZOMBIE like posts, yet HMMM what would my profit have been if I had ????, ( data is there to see) , can you please provide exact data to back up your claims? I don't often post,,, but,,,, I am extremely curious because I have been following yours,,,, and have been doing the research on the company, so again, if yours is different, please provide.( Iv'e begun buying and am ahead wth Dividends) ... times are difficult and NG and oil are down,,,,, can you remember a time during this century when there has not been cyclic flucuation in oil and NG ( It's called CHARTING the TECHNICALS) .. ALSO before you reply,, go back and look at companies that provide a monthly dividend,, that is, companies that have been around at least as long as PGH,, you will see a common trend ( when it comes to pricing over time) ... I have done quite well with these types of companies, including PGH....... I only wish I had more to invest,,, As they say,,, " It take money to make money" BY the way how old are you? just wondering,, cuase I'm probably younger and I'm already retired... mainly becuase I didn't listen to people like you... and if by some chance I'm wrong about this one,, which I be it.. I just figured somneone else besides prometheus needed to say something...... that should tell you something. go pick on apple so you can buy your first ten shares.. geez

    Sentiment: Buy

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