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  • prometheus_bringsfire prometheus_bringsfire Jan 11, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Investor Day Web Cast Data

    Who is/has been able to listen to the Jan. 11 web cast and what is your review opinion? Shorts, Longs and day traders welcome..

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    • I bought some at 10.81 and have since doubled down to reap dependable dividend and lower my break even. I was happy with conference. Ditto that price will stay relatively range bound for about 12 months. Market looks forward 6 months, but if they are on schedule expect the stock to start the uptick same time one year from now (perhaps slow upticks with consolidation). My break even is now down to 5.92 and I have almost 3000 shares. I will likely keep buying in until my breakeven is about 5.25 and the hold for the duration. Tar Sands easy/economical to retrieve for PGH and will be more cost effective than deep water oil. more dependable supply than many other exporting countries. Oil will be sold in US or to world market, It will be sold and Lindberg will come online. Even if US uses all of its own oil, they still will need to import more than 50% at least until 2030!
      Expect price to go to 4.75 min but trending solidly North (slowly) within 3 months.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thanks for comments;
      Was unable to listen to the whole event, but what I heard seemed clear and well developed.

      Lindbergh does appear to be the area of greatest interest as it also was proven to hold the potential for highest consistent product yield. The development plan was also explained with graphs and charts, along with terms of prudent measured phases of $ cost development that would not put the whole company or divy at risk..

      Getting product to market -- a subject often used on this board as a negative force was addressed in several ways..

      The comment about personal investments seemed very honest..

      If there are safer 9% + yields to be had -- this investor more than willing to hear the data..

    • 2013 Production Volumes Volume/day

      Light oil (bbl/d) 28,300
      Heavy oil (bbl/d) 7,400
      NGLs (bbl/d) 9,800
      Natural Gas (Mcf/d) 243,000
      Boe/d equivalent* 86,000

      So it looks like about 40,000 of oil a day with the other gas ( pro rated ngls )

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Not working for me { webcast}

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Very impressive ops manager. Company going to full priority Lindbergh (thermal oil) but will take 2 years to grow. Sounds like a smart plan but IMO the stock will stay at this level for another year. Dividends will NOT be cut. No reason to sell at this price.

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