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  • educated.american educated.american Jan 29, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    If anyone is interested

    The Motley Fool just published some insight on PGH. Like many of you I have a substantial stake in this company. We may all take a big hit on this one..... but let me remind everyone how many bashers there were out there when FORD was at $1.00 a share. ( like so many other stocks in downtimes).... If I don't have anything good ( or truly pertinent ) to say about a stock, then I don't post. I should have bought FORD at $ 1.00 like so many others, Zephcat I feel your pain ( ref F ) But rcunj and Mike O vich ,,, we don't need or want your advice, If we succeed we do it on our own and if we fail, the same. Please... aren't your mothers calling you to come up from the basement for dinnner?????? I swear sometimes you two ( your posts) , remind me of summer vacation,,,,,,,,,,,, no class!

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Oh ye ungrateful one. Told you for weeks this was coming and management had there head hid in a hole somewhere. Ain't that just the way it goes, tell folks the truth, and they get mad and don't want to here it. Had I been pumping the stock and predicting it was going to $10. short term, and then fell like it did, would that had made you happy? LOL!!! If it makes you feel any better, I REALLY DO own a boat load of this junk and likely will never break even. One more thing, and for what it's worth, it ain't over yet !

    • I'm generally optimistic about good companies that are beaten down and working their way back up. The issue here IMO is that their plans for Lindbergh rest on Hardisty heavy Canadian crude priced just 23% under WTI at Cushing. Right now that discount is 40%. They are not even in the ballpark on the price they say they need to make their only good project successful. I hope I am wrong, because I love to see naysayers proven wrong. I want to buy here, but this is a big big risk.

    • The 2 of them seem to get joy off the misfortunes of others. They probably stand by the highway hoping to see traffic accidents too. I feel the same way about them, if they've sold out their interests, they could do everyone a big favor--and just leave!

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