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  • rcunj rcunj Feb 25, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    Where does this slaughter stop?

    And not one single word from management. This proves beyond and doubt that management does'nt give a flying rates #$%$ about shareholders. Their all sitting back enjoying there big fat salaries laughing their #$%$es off at shareholders suffering. At this rate the stock will be at $0.00 in just a couple of weeks, and management could care less.

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    • cindy_henning Feb 26, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

      The Slaughter will stop as soon as PGH Executives finish SUCKING EVERY DROP OF WEALTH from the Company..After this I will NEVER invest a #$%$__NG Dime in another Canadian Company. SCREW CANADA, This suck #$%$ Country couldn`t beat the Salvation Army in a War but they have the Fleecing of American Investors down to a fine are.

    • If you need someone to hold your hand and tell you all will be fine, then maybe you oughta call a babysitter, not be investing in stocks.

    • Right now, this whole thing is like a cruel prank. I bought at $14, so bailing is like ejecting from a plane after it's already crashed. I might as well just ride it out. They have substantial assets though, so I don't think it's going under. If the descent continues, a new owner will not be a surprise.

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      • You may want to buy some shares where you feel the low for the year is and then sell some of the expensive shares and take a tax loss outside the 30 day window . Read up on wash sales if your a US taxpayer . Remember qualified dividends need to be held for a min of 6 mo .

      • Nice analogy. My cost basis is just under $5 so I'm 'only' down a bit less than 20% in a matter of months. Once again I've proved that book value of sub 1.0 does not mean the stock won't continuously get cheaper.
        I'm looking for earnings to bring some truth to the table although I don't expect miracles. Just a hunch but sounds like an acquisition is less likely (CA government not as condusive to this). However, an investment by a third party may help (such as the case of PWE but then PWE is in the dumps too). GLTA.
        Last question: Capitulation forthcoming?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • What should theynaddress that they didn't on shareholder day one month ago. There is no significant short interest in the stock. Insiders are not selling and in fact were buyers around$5. Has anything changed? discount hasn't widened. NG was actually way up today. Keystone XL looks like it has a 75% probability of passing.

        So what is driving price down. I think it is telling that the last time pgh's price spiked was when knight capital went down. This stock is a favorite of the algo traders as there are significant arbitrage opportu pnities in dual listed small cap stocks ( google GMO capital arbitrage dual listing -- as they wrote a paper on it in 2009). Meanwhile, no reason for funds to be directionally short when they can close out positions eod

      • If the Co. was worth $8. per share as some posters on this board claim, then there should have already been a new owner. But it would seem PGH is not even worth $4. #$%$, China don't even want this POS!!!

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