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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Apr 3, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    Cramer says "hold", pgh drops. he's like a dog chasing his tail. he has blown calls with ETP, IDCC and


    PGH, all within the last few weeks. he told his minions to hold idcc weeks ago. Its now down 5 bucks a share. he told his peeps to sell ETP about 2 months ago. then he admitted he made a mistake, and told people to buy ETP, 5 bucks a share higher . He said sell PGH, and weeks later said hold after it went up 25%. Now its down below 5 again, and anyone who "held" is out another chunk of change.
    whats really transparent, is one of the streets indicators. They look at price changes. And quite simply, if a stock is trading up, they say "buy", if its trending down , they'll say "sell", without any research into what revenues are going to be, and whether a run up or run down may have exhausted its momentum.
    For my money, by the time a stock has made cramers list, it time to do the opposite. For you see, he's not looking at the future.Hes looking at the past, and putting too much emphasis on momentum. Unless someone has a revolutionary idea, or makes a great business deal, momentum will end, and before he tells you. becasue then, it already happened, and you are screwed..

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