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  • energ_one2 energ_one2 Apr 25, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Both rcunj and micheal kosanovichkosanovich on ignore.

    Those two have bad-mouthed PGH management for several months now. Suspect they're trying to get one or more positions on the PGH BOD so they can bankrupt the company and steal PGH assets. If that isn't criminal, it ought to be.

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    • Isn't funny why Rcunt will respond to his love affair with a goat but won't respond to why he waste his time posting on Yahoo Chat Board about a stock he doesn't like. Who owns a stock you don't like much less waste ones time chatting about it?

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    • Darn! my plan has been spoiled. Who snitched me out, or did you figure this out all on your own?

    • Hey Energ. Sorry you are wrong Rcunt & Michaelthefuckheadvich are the same person. After asking him several times why he was wasting his time posting on a stock board (never received an answer) that he didn't like I did some research on him. He is an ex disgruntle day labor of PGH. His main duties was cleaning the Portable Latrines that they used on site. He was terminated after he was caught having a relationship with a sheep on company time. Now he has nothing better to do but slam his old company.

      And again - this is a good company and a great price. You only lose if you sell (unless you are a day trader). If you are a retired old fart like me with nothing better to do but read these boards, sit back and enjoy the monthly dividends. I know my PGH monthly dividends are keeping some of the casinos in Laughlin afloat.

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      • Good grief, if your going to tell it, tell it right! It wasn't a sheep, it was a goat, and I wasn't cleaning the latrines, I was replacing the toilet paper with corn cob's cause PGH management gave themselves another salary increase and we could no longer afford toilet paper. See, this is how rumors get started and people get accused of stuff they didn't do. I would never touch a nasty sheep!

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