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  • forwardflash forwardflash Oct 24, 2013 1:38 AM Flag

    Obama Sides With Tea Party as House Passes Dredging Bill

    "“In a couple of years, new supertankers are going to start coming through the Panama Canal,” Obama said in a July tour of Jacksonville Port on the Atlantic coast of Florida. “If we want our workers and businesses to compete, then our ports have to be ready to receive those supertankers. Otherwise, they’ll go to Brazil or some other place.”

    Super tankers? Brazil? Other places? What am I saying? Those "some other places," like probably Venezuela have lots of oil to export, and so does Canada.. So why would we want ports that can serve super tankers? When projections are in the near future the US won't need to import oil from anywhere except Canada, that leaves exporting as the only other option for the need of ports that can accommodate super tankers. To me this news means the Keystone XL pipeline's fate has already been decided, it has been approved, the only thing that needs to be done is announcing it. Oil is money, wealth is power, no way our government will chose green ideology over power.

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    • I did not think super tankers would fit through the Panama Canal, only Panamax and smaller vessels. Super tankers would have to travel around South America. Further, I am not sure super tankers come to port on the US Gulf Coast as the water is too shallow. I believe they offload several tens of miles offshore into smaller vessels or into single point mooring systems tied to pipelines shipping oil to the refineries.

    • Obama may of been trying to tell us that Keystone won't be approved and - consequently - there will be a need for US ports to accommodate those supertankers.

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      • hardheadedman0- Your post doesn't make any sense at all.

        Why would super tankers go to Brazil or some other places, other than for the reason of picking up oil? Europe, China and India are major markets that need to import oil. Are you not aware that Brazil will become a major exporter of oil, and Venezuelan already is? But even more obvious than that, was the news from the COO of TransCanada, who stated they need the Keystone XL to access to deep water ports for the purpose of exporting Canadian oil. On top of that there are articles all over the place that state the US will not need to import oil other than from Canada, and you just posted an article that says the bottlenecks of getting Canadian oil to the US are being alleviated, there is absolutely no reason to think that the US needs deep water ports for the purpose of importing oil as you assert, when all evidence points to the exact opposite.

        I'm taking my compliments to you back, you aren't very good at analyzing.

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