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  • idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 Nov 5, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    we'll be near 7 by years end, with a good report tommorrow.

    maybe sooner.
    xop is down today. but we are up.
    there was a bit of profit taking a few days ago, but she held up.
    even on good or even days, it starts out low, then recovers.
    this has got some ummpf to it.
    i'm getting a bit anxious though, with seeking alpha all of a sudden endorsing it.
    like they are trying to sucker in some more bag holders before a bad report.
    but i think thats way off.
    we'll be fine.
    although now, we'll see how low the production is with all the asset sales.
    but we only need to tide ourselves over to next year.
    holy #$%$, this thing went up 3 cents while i was typing .
    yipee ki yaaaaaaa.

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    • Not sure about 7 by year end, but still confident about 10 by end of 2014. Chart still looks great for a nested cup and handle breakout ahead... Loving my newly aquired 16% yeilding LSTMF, now selling for a 65% DISCOUNT to book value...
      Canada needs to put the pipe down, put their big boy pants on and solve their country's natural resource distribution problem. This is costing them over $20B a year and will only get worse going forward...

    • I think increased prices for oil this quarter will offset most of the lost production from asset sales, but that probably won't be the case next quarter with WTI expected to drop all the way to $85.00 a barrel.

      The way the stock has been acting lately, could it be possible that the production from those two test wells at Lindbergh have been even better than expected this quarter?

      it will another year before those 23 well pairs bring oil to the surface so there has to be some other catalyst for the recent rise in the price of the stock.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • HM1
        Have you done any research on cap rock structures @ lindbergh ?

      • to the point and well stated HMM,
        (always interested in your thoughts and/or perceptions)

        a blow out report for the quarter might help drive us in the short term,
        (those 21 pairs are still a big deal per the numbers and conservative ratios to yield)

        i have never yet witnessed the basic law of supply vs demand -- broken or violated - when it comes to overall pricing,

        when and as may prices fall,
        it should be those with the greatest supply and lowest production cost to market (allowing for debt)
        come out on top...........

        I believe we are going to be solid in the game, but some sticky luster not quite what it was..

        WTI might not fall as much as predicted, if imports from over-seas tapper off?
        deep water drillers being hit hard,
        tankers like NAT already hit hard --- slashed divy,
        Pioneer (PXD) the hyper Texas Driller got a down grade today
        (holding 10 share so I will be sure to track it)..

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