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  • dawalk44 dawalk44 Apr 11, 2014 11:59 AM Flag

    I've Owned this Stock Since 1999 and I've had a Few SMALL gains and More and LARGER LOSS's !!

    I've gone from a .22 cent distribution down to .o4 or 5 whole cents. Whooopee and there's people in this room who feel good about it. Give this company time and they'll screw it up again, they haven't surprised me YET ...

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    • at least your persistent in your stubborn demand for losses, instead of selling and waiting a decline out..

    • what did you buy it at ?
      how much in dividends have you gotten over these 15 years ?
      .22 cents a month, for years, plus an occasional capital gains distribution, that all adds up.
      i bet you are ahead, even with the big price drop. way ahead
      With lindberg production less than a year away, and over a year of accomplishment after accomplishment under current management, its hard to believe you'd all of a sudden panic after waiting 15 years.
      By the way, I'm not glad Flaherty is gone, but the guy did lie.
      "you can keep your Canadian oil trusts, period"

    • I bought mine in 2004 and it's a heartbreak watching it happen. BTW, Jim Flaherty kicked the bucket yesterday. He's the Canadian pirate who single-handedly killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, ruining the CANROYS and screwing the investors, mostly fellow Canadians. I am NOT sorry to see him go, he's cost me THOUSANDS!

    • now, if you had followed pgh;s performance and obstacles, the development over the past 15 years should not have come as a total surprise. it requires management on your part to make investments work for you.
      this was not considered a growth co. and losses over the recent quarters should not have come as a total surprise. pgh is expected to show a miniscule profit starting this coming quarter with continuing increases over the next quarters, and if hardmetal's optimism realizes, share value would easily double given no negative surprises.

    • You are looking at the PAST and not the PRESENT. Take a look at "what is coming into production" and re-adjust your outlook. You will be greatly compensated if you do and get a 7% yield while you wait.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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