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  • eight_til_midnight eight_til_midnight Oct 21, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    SOLD THIS POS @ $15.50

    Last week, on no news ALDW surged to $16+, then today, it plunged to the high $14 ans hour before closing bell. The way it is acting on no new, it may fall to the low $14's, then tomorrow $13, and by weeks end to $11.

    I bought last month at what I thought was a good price only to see it fall within a week or so another couple of bucks. I am glad I bought, but more glad I sold.

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    • You need better sources of information. There are plenty of things happening in the refining business, crude oil price and macro economic events which have a direct effect on ALDW stock price. But good thing you sold at $15.50.

    • So far I thank you. As I'm in now.
      If you don't like this ,taken a look at NS,AROW,ARLP,CLMT,FUN,SPH
      You should find one of those to make you happy. They all made me happy so far
      Best of luck to you

    • We've had a tremendous run up the past few days. This is a combination of things happening today. You have profit takers and "weak hands" both selling at the same time. Nothing to worry about. Of course its your decision to sell, but this is probably one of the worst times to do that. We should be heading a lot higher from here.

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      • Maybe I bailed to early? That definitely would not be the first time I've done that with a stock.

        I got weak legs a couple weeks ago when OUTR pre-announced earnings would be down significantly, then, after OUTR fell about $17 within two days, an outside firm immediately bought up all the sold shares on the cheap resulting in the stock surging back to where it was.

        Two weeks later management made another announcement that they made a mistake on its earlier earnings forecast, stating the quarter would be its best.

        Hopefully the boys over at Justice will indict management and put them where they belong, in a cage with all the other monkeys who are fraudsters.

        I took my money from OUTR abd ALDW and dropped it back into a biotech stock, ZLCS, a stock I bailed on at the beginning of the month. In the past few days it is acting like a "momentum" stock after falling over 45% since I bailed, so like most momentum stocks, i.e., FB and YHOO, I figure I can make an easy few grand in the next two weeks on the hype before announcement of a drug under trial that it is a success, or failure.

        I will bail before the announcement because ZLCS does not have a stellar track record. I know, because I lost a couple k in 2011 by not bailing, then had to hang out for a couple years buying shares on the way down to recoup my initial loss, then make a few k.

    • wont go to 11's but 13's is likely.

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