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  • regor007 regor007 Dec 24, 1997 10:35 PM Flag

    any hope?

    Is there any hope for this stock ti go back up any time soon? A friend of mine sells the products and reccommended the stock. I don't know much about the company. Any advice appreciated.

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    • I've tried the products. In fact my entire family uses them, and my wife and I are distributors in the process of building a
      business with Reliv. I assure you that the products are second to none (how many foods and nutritional supplements have you seen that
      are patented? For that matter, how many similar companies even go to that much trouble?) We just returned from Reliv's winter
      conference where we had the opportunity to meet with Bob Montgomery, Carl Hastings, Dave Kreher and the rest of the corporate leaders.
      These people are tirelessly dedicated to the continued growth and success of Reliv.

      If you own the stock, then I trust you are aware of the recent plant expansion - the challenge that we as distributors were left with was to fill that space, and force Dave to "break out another wall." I believe the quote from Mr. Montgomery was, "We're going to be a billion, that's B like in Bob, dollar company." I don't profess to know very much about stocks or the market, but I do know that these people are serious, and we love doing the business.

      If you want to try the products for yourself (I highly recommend it), send me an email at, and I'll arrange it.

    • The correct number for insider ownership of Reliv stock is 38%.
      Robert L. Montgomery, Chairman, President and CEO owns over 2 million shares himself.

    • I e-mailed the company concerning insider activity and I received a letter in the mail several days later from the relv's chairman answering my questions. I was was impressed with the clarity and speed of the response. Relv seems to care about its stockholders. Also, it has even posted sensible messages on this thread. Let's hope it continues to enlarge earnings and revenues.

    • not write English so well . He speak perfect language of China. How well you write in language of China How well you invest in language of China. Not what expect from Americans to make fun be not friendly. China old old country . Understand many
      many things for long long time

    • If you no like = sell

      If like= hold or buy

      If co not move may be you move= you move by sell stock

      Many choice jump run hop=sell relv buy other stock or not buy other stock or read newspaper or study China language or eat apples pie.

      Relv go much high but need patience When egg break little bird not fly Month later little bird not so little fly high in sky

      Hope you now under stand chuwoa mind

    • What are you talking about?!?!?!? This stock is no good....i move because i no like, you like ot no like? this tocl no good, it go nowhere except down. bad bad stock, it not good. you lose money if you buy this stock, it not good. Understand that??

    • no like. If like hold or buy. If company not move maybe you move. Many choice jump run hop.

    • This is a good company - but there are no major analysts following the company - it needs institutional coverage - if we're patient, we may see progress in 1998 - but only if trading volume increases and interest from larger firms is evident

    • Don't buy this bad boy.....he is a real loser. This stock will never go above 5. I feel sorry for the poor saps that bout at 9. The product is good.....the stock, well...isn't.

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      • "Great work is not accomplished by strength but perseverance"
        This will have to be our practice as all small caps struggle on the street. Volume and increases will only come when the
        institutions get back on board and prices get back in line with worth. In the meantime us small shareholders will have to persevere using
        strong technical and fundamental skills to pick the future survivers. Most small cap firms never had to do PR to promote stock,
        some can not effectively promote their own product. Remember, most these firms have just lost better than half their value. They
        never had to make money before to have the stock increase in value. Those days maybe gone for good. I bought into this company
        because of the strong fundamentals and an aggressive company posture. I also believe in the other positive attitudes displayed on
        this board as does relv.
        Why do people waste air re:stockmeister999 with pointless babble. If the company is good, the product is good, then the stock is good. It will be recognized, that is what this adjustment is all about.

    • as a starter.

      This leaves us with some hope. Also, here is their homepage. . They did a good job here.

      Check out the fundamentals: >

      I think the company has a winner's spirit. We all hope they can use this energy to produce higher revenues and earnings, which will move the stock forward. (????)

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