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  • rdavis2006 Oct 21, 2012 3:45 AM Flag

    Verifone M&A

    That company (verifone) is the one other stock in mobile payments besides tbow that i would buy. Plus, pay already owns 2.5 million shares and 500,000 warrants to buy at $2.00 per share until 2015. Wfc, ca/per, bmo and other big names owns shares of tbow. Why would they own shares in such a small co.??? Because, prc gave tbow until the end of 2013 to put their system together, so far, they have signed the big three telcom(s), unionpay bank which is the largest credit card clearing house in china, 150 retailers and they are building 2 cloud based data centers. This is the real deal........

    Sentiment: Strong Buy