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  • yalimsemail yalimsemail May 20, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

    Going private?

    What do you guys think? Will this company end up being taken private and, if so, for how much money per share?

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    • they are doing everything they can to get everyones shares,so then they will go private,im holding on!!

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      • Lets take a few steps back

        In early 2012 TBOW had a huge Receivables problem - They were just not able to collect on time and were largely dependent on the big China Telecoms for business. This often put them in a cash crunch situation

        The last quarter results exemplified their commitment to moving to a revenue stream dominated by consumers as opposed to the Big 3 telcos. Consumers do not enjoy longer credit cycles like the telcos so sales should be converted to cash faster

        Much like any corporation that has a structural change its business model, TBOW slaw a slower quarter and refused sales that would lead to larger DSO's - I say by end of the year, they will be converting receivables to cash a lot faster than they currently do and the accounts receivable portion should shrink substantially

        Lets also not forget the Chinese market potential for mobile - I hope they do not take it for the 1.46 a share but let someone like a Baidu make an offer because Baidu has been struggling to get any foothold in the mobile space. Hopefully Baidu will offer north of 2 bucks - 100 Million for Baidu is definitely doable