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  • stcm8 stcm8 Mar 21, 2006 9:05 AM Flag


    And you are one of those fools who blindly hypes this stock. Why don't you sit back, keep your hands off the keyboard for a while and go back to daydreaming. Those of us in reality will take it from here.

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    • Oh no, that to much of a load to carry! lol You cleaned house yesterday. Pat yourself on the back. Good job! I posted some ops on the other board, I'm looking for your feed back.

    • I agree with your views.

      your IQ is almost approaching 200 now

    • My German great, great, great grand parents came to the USA legally. I think people forget what the word "illegal" means. I have very good Mexican friends who are here legally and they are not happy about the ones that are here illegally. I believe two things on this issue. #1 Mexico needs to get rid of the coruption in business so their people will have jobs and an ecomony. #2 The USA needs to close the boarder and start registering the people who come in. Meaning openning the boarders to people that are here legally. Registry should not take more than 30 days MAX. It's just my thoughts

    • just a thought here, when your forefathers came to this counrty, were they educated and skilled. it all depends on how strong the institutions are. on the flip side you have immigrants from asia who are exceling in education and providing good boost to economy, who has been pushing the housing market uptill now, the off-springs of immigrants or the immigrants themselves.
      granted there may be some illegal and uneducated but our institutions can handle them.

    • Could not agree more. "Political correctness" allows the week to advance while the strong are suppressed and ridiculed for having an opinion that is not all touchy-feely. Who will support the �underprivileged� when they comprise the bulk of this once great nation?

    • I think it is too late now. This wonderful country will not be so wonderful in 25 years. My gut tells me we have reached the point of no return. Congress, Senate and both parties are self serving cowards. If you speak poorly against an illegal you are labels a racist and a xenophobe. To me, its as if the Marxist figured out another way to bring down the West. Flood the country with the poor and unskilled, feed off of the gullible and destroy anyone who opposes. And turn the country into a cultural cesspool.

    • Illegal entrants into our country is not only a California problem, it is a national problem, and must be approached in that manner.

      There are those in Congress who do not wish to approach it because it is not helpful for their re-election... the democratic party in particular receives a great deal of money from Latinos.. it is part of their base. You get them to understand that Americans do not appreciate ignoring something illegal, we'll have a solution.

    • Hey genius, you ever lived here?? Or did you just visit on your 18th birthday...

    • California sucks...The only reason the population has increased has been illegals...Western States are loaded with displaced California natives who left because of the crappy schools and increased crime.

    • Yeah, I actually do mind people breaking into our country. Quite a concept. If someone broke into my house, I wouldn't give them a room and make them dinner. So you take them all. I am sure the next million people you will be getting will be happy to hear it.

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