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  • mych00 mych00 May 14, 2007 10:42 AM Flag

    666 bounces..


    hmm.. what's up?

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    • Gold and gold stocks are in deep trouble. Gold will not be a safe haven if the markets fall. Has anyone noticed the slow but steady decline?

      I'm amazed at how the markets have ignored obvious signs of troubles and how bad news is spun into good news. Yeah, inflation moderated if you remove food and fuel. It was helped by housing price declines. Since I'm buying a new house every week, that's great news!

      I made a huge mistake betting against the S&P and being long gold. Everything is backwards and everything is tied to vast amounts of leverage such as the Yen carry trade.

      The markets are going to get clobbered soon, this is totally rediculous. Unfortunately our beloved AUY is leading the way. I'm going to bail, sit in cash until I see a true buying opportunity.

      Shorting is not a wise move because you just can't time it right. I'm going to wait for real bargains and I'll buy large cap names that have solid earnings and pay dividends.

      AUY really f'ed up this time. They keep missing their earnings targets and the will really miss next time if gold and copper head lower.

      I'll buy in July!

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      • What happened to your call selling strategy? Buy the stock and sell Oct 10's and 12.5's--you'll make 75 cents-$1 while you wait for 120 days on a $9 investment, 9-12% -- if you're right and gold STOCKS have to be sold to bail a declining market, you have a lot of protection down to about a $11.13 share price.

        Two or three times a year, you make 25% to 33%, better than a sharp stick in the eye.

      • Your boasting is very funny. My God. What a sick fellow u are? 600(00) share of AUY, and buying a (toy for ur kids)house everyweek, shorting spy, and posting on the yahoo board every 10 minutes. It seems u forgot to mension about your fleet of Benz cars, jets and ships. I have seen 1000 s of people like u in my life. Get a life. No one is here to hear ur junk.

        I forgot to ask u, in which dry cleaners u are working? Is it night shift?

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