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  • jadgplt7 jadgplt7 Oct 9, 2007 7:56 AM Flag



    Homes in Michigan going on the auction block for as low as $2000 and lower as the sub-prime nightmare deepens! All the while the talking heads on cnbc talk of a rebound in the economy! They smile and laugh while people are in the trenches losing everything! Kinda reminds me of the 80's!

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    • What is obvious from this line is the degree of self loathing in so many Americans. You hate your leaders, you hate Michigan, etc. Ask yourself, is it so hard to understand why others hate us? It's not because "they envy or freedom"

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      • Speaking for myself only I don't hate MI. It wouldn't my first choice for a place to live. it's a little cold for me up there However it has incredible natural beauty, decent hard working salt of the earth people and I'm sure the UP is magnificent. Our so-called leader is a well hated around the world for obvious reasons and Americans take a hit for it because they voted for him....... TWICE. The damage is done. America has been sold down the river just like the slaves in the days of old. The toe-tapping republowpricktwisters Cheney, Rumsfelt, wofowitcz, bush types got what they wanted. Plenty of money, for texas oil-haliburton, guns and ammo and all their no-bid contractor $100 a meal buddies at the green zone dining facilities KBR dick-sucker toe tappers. The damage is done. if you got something out of it Good on ya. But don't come around here feigning ignorance and pesecution and I say my daily prayers for George Bush God Squad. They say he is evil because HE IS EVIL! If you are one of the millions who made and honest mistake, we'll you still fucked up.

    • RIGHT ON Keith. I'm ashamed at the number of MORONS who populate the USA. It's a travesty that free-thinking Americans are ignorant to their own history, the principles of their own government and the impact of our actions on the world as a whole. One thing I can tell you. if there are American troops on the's about money...for big aint liberty-democracy-freedom or some other such nonsence.... It's money me....I'm a retired US ARMY officer type and it's only through the collective ignorance of our sheeple can these bastards get away with this shit. Go AUY!

    • <<It will be real worthless when your not dying from a nuclear holocost>>

      Did you just steal a line from our Administration. thought I had head this before. r. Maybe you forgot about a totalitarian atheistic government that hated what America stood for for half a century and was LOADED WITH VERIFIABLE NUKES. I guess you forgot that the ONLY thing to come of that Cold War was hate and pandering to fear. Interestingly, no nukes used.

      Get over the fear mongering, you remind me of the idiots we have in office.

      <<<those people are useless and will never change ... trust me 90% of them hate you and want you dead, think about that.>>>

      I am not sure who "those people" are ... do you even know the difference between the shia, the kurds, the children, the terrorists, the innocents of Saddam Hussein's rule, the Christians over there, our allies, who exactly? I know lumping millions of people into an abstract term "those people" is much easier than thinking critically...

      I wonder how many people who have opnions on this subject even KNOW the difference between the term "Muslim" and "Islamic"?

      And no, I don't trust you. My brother-in-law and his family moved here year ago to escape Saddam. his family still lives there today and deals with a much more grave situation. They are good people who only want to work and live. I happen to know over a dozen of "those people". Who do YOU know to make such blanket accusations? You watch too much FOX/Sky News.

      <<<so fuck them, drop the bomb and cheap oil for everyone, i gaurentee everyone else around the world wouldn't care!!>>

      Please don't guarantee - you have no credibility. You have no clue what the rest of the world thinks.

      You are a xenophobe who creates division rather than solves it. And anyone who realistically thinks we can nuke 10s of millions of people and THEN go back and collect "free oil" is literally demented.


    • It will be real worthless when your not dying from a nuclear holocost, in my opinion it would have been alot cheeper for your country to just nuke the whole fuckin middle east, those people are useless and will never change, the world should treat them like a bad investment, cut your losses and get rid of them, or maybe treat it as survival of the fitest, they aparently won't get with the program, so fuck them, drop the bomb and cheap oil for everyone, i gaurentee everyone else around the world wouldn't care!!!Then they would stop coming in our country and stealing our jobs too, its like getting 2 birds with one stone! And for all you people who can't beleive I am saying this, trust me 90% of them hate you and want you dead, think about that.

    • Just to add a little info that they never cover in the media because it's not as titillating as a $2000 house headline:

      When you buy on the courthouse steps in foreclosure, the price does NOT include the payoff on the senior loans, if they exist. The 2nd or third or 5th trust deed lender (yes, people have multiple TD's on homes!!) probably is the forecloser. If no one buys the property, they get it for nothing, then they pay off the senior deeds and can resell the property to profit beyond their TD investment. The $2000 house could have a $500,000 1st TD that is still owed, you have no way of knowing until you do the homework. Certainly the media ain't gonna talk about it. In california, you really can't get a good deal on foreclosures yet, as the houses were probably refinanced to the hilt at the escalated home values in 2004-2006. So you could actually buy for $2000, then end up with a bigger 1st TD than the house is worth in 2007!!!!!!!

      Real estate people and foreclosure pro's all know this, only the public doesnt. As for the guy in Santa ana, consider that it takes at least 3 months to evict a homeowner. This guy lives rent free in a $600K house for 3 months (that's probably worth about $9,000), he put nothing down, probably had a deal with 0 closing costs. He has rotten credit after the foreclosure, but he had rotten credit before the foreclosure!! Who's the real loser? The lender and its shareholders, AND THE PUBLIC if the congress decides to wipe out the taxes on short sale losses!!! I.e., it pays, if you have rotten credit, to do what this guy did. As for the corrupting of buying from a fake real estate agent, I see that as probably collusion between him and his buddy. You can't tell me he didn't know the guy wasn't a real agent.

      Sorry, I know too much, and I've become a total cynic. The real estate profession SHOULD be educating the public, but they just let CNBC and 60 minutes, etc., etc., rung wild with the hype so that they can sell the unsuspecting public on those POOR buyers.

    • anyone who lives in Michigan,, should have left that state 10 years ago... Houses for 2000.00 too bad,,, Look what the UAW and Unions do to American Co.s,, we should give Michigan to Canada....


    • I didn't believe $2000 for a house till I heard it on Bubblevision. Man that sounds like a rent payment. They say housing is not coming back until 2011 or so(sorta like the yankees).

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