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  • baecorine baecorine Feb 5, 2008 3:36 PM Flag

    Cut and paste headlines

    i have to laugh at the headlines. They all use the words "recession", "fears", "worries" and the like.

    These are the same old words being used over and over every time the markets sell off.

    When the markets move higher they say it was due to bargain hunting. What a load of BS! How about short covering? Why don't they just post the real facts by giving us the actual number of shares sold short in the market! Then you would have the real news.

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    • Headlines move stocks. If u don't pay attention to them then u will lose ur money. Markets are also moved by psychological perception. the very words u cited. ur post is inane and vain
      laughable in itself.

    • "bubba got us into somalia"

      Sheesh. Just proves discussing politics here is a waste of time. Go read a book. Any book.

      By the way, does anybody have any thoughts on who carried out the 2001 anthrax attacks in the US? Has the significance of such a terrorist attack, and the fact that the entire investigation has gone cold, been lost on everyone? It essentially shows that any government could potentially be brought down by assassination without any clue as to the attacker.

      As nanobots and genetic profiling tools become more sophisticated in the coming decades, expect to see more unexplained illnesses and deaths. We have to design our government around the problem to ensure a deep and ordered succession hierarchy. Whatever is put in place has to be robust enough to withstand the annihilation of the top echelon of political leaders and judges.

      May you live in interesting times.

    • Unfortunately, he won't win but I hope his message is heard. McCain will win and he has a good shot at winning the election because the democrats are just tearing each other up and that turns America off.

      I just can't wait for it to be over!

    • Excellent post sir! Well said....
      to you, Rav :), and all others, good luck in all things

    • Absolutely!

    • I'll tell you that some of the hardest working people I know are Koreans. America is a melting pot and all are welcome as long as they come here to be productive. Isn't that the American dream? Race, color, religion should never be the issue. When Europeans came here they were also classified into groups, Irish, German, Italian, etc. but eventually all blended and they became Americans.

      Many corporations went overseas because they could not find shilled labor here. I own a manufacturing business and I can tell you it is hard to get help. Mexicans will work harder than anyone for you with no BS. The average young American has no work ethic or skills. His parents spoiled him and he has nothing to offer an employer. As far as education, most can't even read a ruler. If I ask them to convert to Metric, they give me a blank stare.

      Lets expand our manufacturng in this country and bring the labor from all corners of the globe as well as from within our shores. There used to be honor in having a manufacturing/blue collar job. We lost something along the way that made people think they were too good for blue collar work.

      That is what made America strong and we need to get back to that because it works.

    • At first I supported the war because I too belived there were WMD's and of course we all wanted blood after 9/11. When I saw Colon Powell quit, I knew something was very wrong. I believed because he was the messenger. When he discovered the lies, he quit.

      We do need to get the hell out and do it now. We can't win because we have no clue what a victory looks like. I would make nice with other Arab nations and let them take over.

      We can keep our Navy there to make sure the oil flows. If we extended an olive branch to Iran, I think they could actually help rather than be considered an enemy.

      America needs to suck it up and take care of things at home. We made a mistake, we should admit we did and get out. It isn't our first mistake but I certainly hope it is our last.

      Let's use our troops to secure our borders and entry ports. I'd feel safer if they were on US soil protecting our interests. We have wasted so many lives and countless resources to fight a war that was already won. We should have gotten out then.

      We need to get off our high horses and admit that we can not afford this anymore.

    • so true

      there are literally tens of thousands of south koreans getting rejected to come here. thing is, I think we need to protect our jobs a little better. there must be a reason all other countries do so :)

    • Did I say unskilled and uneducated? Do you think the worker in a textile factory or machine shop in China is unskilled? Most have a better education than high school grads in this country and they have strong work ethics.

      They also have pride and they are not used to going to the government for assistance. Many Chinese would gladly come here if they could legally. The ones who are here are certainly not draining our system. They work hard and build businesses. Please remember that most American stem from immigrants that came here 100 years ago and they too were mostly uneducated. Many had skills but many did not. They all adjusted and built a life and built America.

      We seem to still have racial issues in this country. I don't, I feel than anyone can come to America if they intend to be productive. We have plenty of people born and raised here that are sucking the system dry for generations accross all races.

      Bring them here on work visas and give corporate America a good source of labor so that we can keep our factories here. I'd rather have them here than watch our jobs and dollars go over there.

    • btw, Bae and I go at it a lot (note the smiley face after my post). Based on his replies, I don't think he needs little school girls sticking up for him though

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