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  • geo65sco geo65sco Feb 13, 2008 9:32 AM Flag

    Dumb article Bloomberg

    Writers jobs are to get people to read their work. They are not investors,analyst or advisors. They are writers, they do little research,and only try to create drama to sell their stories. The stories don't have to make sense, or even have sound advice, just be interesting. This writer tied two hot topics together, turned in his story, and moved on.
    That is how he makes his living, not trying to help individuals navigate the financial waters.

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    • Hi, Geo,
      You are right, logic, reason, truth, validity all have no place in writing today. In fact if we got a stock market bounce off of the gramps in omaha making a meaningless offer to bond insurers why dont we start an even better rumor. How about you announce a secret Bush Administration plan to print new money called Orabucks with the face of the Oracle of Omaha on every one and with his favorit motto in greek or latin or whatever on them saying "wait around long enough and even this dog will payoff". And we exchange one of these new Orabucks for every million old fed reserve notes.

      Why we could save enough paper to save the rainforest. So the tree huggers will like it.

      I think the full faith and credit of the oracle is probably stronger right now than the full faith and credit of the fed.

      CNBC will love it cause they can get an exclusive interview from the oracle himself.

      And a guy who lets his stock go to several hundred K without a stock split must be trusted to not print anymore Orabucks right?

      Makes more sense to me than printing another trillion or so crumby old fed notes and making every technically bankrupt american consumer feel richer. That's the old bush plan so lets get started on the new bush plan. Will at least give the guy something to do for the next year. I dont want to think about what that mind could come up with if left idle for 12 months with the big button close at hand...Now that's scary. IMHO, balibob

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      • Shhhh, we need to take up collection for the next Bush library in Crawford. We could call it the Bush Leave No Child Behind Library and have a battle scaled observatory for the future clinens to see where there money was spent for their future. Of course, Paulson's picture should also be on the entrance too for confirmation of truthful intention's.

    • This article is a treatise on how to shorten your career.

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