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  • baecorine baecorine Sep 1, 2008 9:29 AM Flag

    Oil and gold down

    The markets don't know what to make of Gustav. Traders are assuming that all is well but there is no information on damage to platforms.

    Iran nowsays that the oil market is over supplied, I find that interesting. Was the entire "oil crisis" just a fabrication to benefit speculators? How did we go from peak oil to over supplied in 2 months?

    Rather than worry about commodity prices, I think I'll stay focused on the real crisis in the banking sector. It is amazing how they talked up oil prices and now they talk them down.

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    • technically look great. crack spread fundamentals too. people still need to drive, even though energy is shot as a speculative class for a bit...

    • The refiners because they are beaten down and technically look good? I see that they are near the 52 week lows. I really don't think there is much down-side left for oil. thanks.

    • only long gold/miners, cash (which means I'm not sure), apwr and refiners. by far I have most confidence in refiners tso/wnr. gl man

    • Thanks.

      Are you still holding POT?

      Yes, it's a serious question and kind of a joke too. Ha.

      What do you think about the commodities right now? I sense that it's so out of favor that I should be buying.

    • HAHA

      I always did like your posts. hilarious! gl

    • I was being funny. If you know what I mean?

      blueberry, white widow..

    • "By the way, with things as ugly as they are today you shouldn't be short on POT. :)"

      fundamentals mean diddly. sentiment all. gl

    • ha ,im not even short auy ...i am short ego and leh and i rarely post there ...i just post my OPINIONS HERE as everyone else does be they perma bulls ,perma libs ,perma conns ...or chart traders (me )...i need no stars or reaction to my posts,i just present my opinion with at least something to back up my take ...i could care less about any news from auy ,hurricane damage ,oil moveing up or down ....technicals come first ,then the pundits attach some reason for the move and con the masses into believing that "Gold moved down on profit taking today "or "Traders took advantage of alabamas sugar crop destruction to send sugar futures 5% higher " is secondary to technicals ....first comes the move ,then comes the percieved reason by some junior economist ....all too funny to me....why on earth would anybody believe a hurricane would make gold spike up ,or who gets in office me the gold trend moves inversely to the dollar trend....period ...and the charts proove it over and over again...not lehman bros failing or ???just my opinion

    • Very very good and I feel truthful article. My feelings exactely.

    • "The US is ruled ruthlessly by a pair of oil buddies from Texas and Wyoming. Bush and Cheney have grossly enriched themselves and their friends and colleagues in the oil industries. Fabulous wealth has poured into the coffers of these killers. The audacious move to take over OPEC via military force nearly succeeded. Once the oil consortiums took over Iraq and then Iran, the weight of power over OPEC would have fallen into the greedy hands of these international pirates. Who work in consortium with international banking families who are very eager to control the flow of wealth going to Muslims."....

      ...."Putin wants to educate us. We want to be stupid. Stupid Presidential candidates always fare better than smart ones. We want to be led by the Common Man even if it is a series of very spoiled brats of one particular political clan, for example. All the political clans run on and on like the Rockerfellers, the Kennedys, the Bushes or the Clintons, just for a very few examples. There are many such. Udalls, Reagans, Cuomos, etc, etc just off the top of my head. They all talk 'stoopid.' They dare not talk like elites. This is why the total outsider, Obama, was accused by the media talking head liars, as an 'elitist'.

      Obama is a tool of the elites. But he is a total outsider and he troubles them. What if he goes against their orders? This means a very messy assassination or impeachment over some trivial matter. Bush can get away with repeated gross negligence, outright criminal conspiracy and many Constitutional offenses big and small and 'impeachment is off the table'. But then, the ruling elites used the anthrax assassin as well as enabling the 9/11 assassins so letting the dark, invisible Ring of Power to deal with difficulties is pretty obvious. Obama signed his death warrant by choosing Biden who is 100% ruling elite as a running mate.

      Of course, McCain and his Apocalyptic witch are in harmony: both want to have a Final Confrontation and Conflagration. I guess McCain thinks, he has a choice of which house to hide in when the bombs destroy the rest of this nation. "

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