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  • zzzuwrong zzzuwrong Sep 6, 2008 11:05 AM Flag

    Will 6.1% Unemployment rate affect Gold?


    No discussion of this possibility or how much of an effect?
    Good for Repubs or Dems or???

    This topic is deleted.
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    • All of the crap the U.S is in currently was done on a Republicans watch. Wake up and don't blame democrats for the mess the worst president in history is responsible for.

    • >While Clinton (a Dem remember?) was Prez, the economy GREW, Wages GREW and EVERYBODY had a job and was making money.<
      Clinton.Ha!Ha!Clinton enjoyed the fruits of Reaganomics. The economy waxed with Reagan and Waned with Clinton. You liberals would certainly impoverish this country and lead it into moral
      bankruptcy. How can one go from Ron Paul's Laissez faire to Obama!

    • "I make well over 250K thanks to the repubs."

      who would write this? so karl rove made ur salary and not your own hard work? hard to follow this one :)

    • Small businesses will be exempt from tax increases under dems.
      I make well over 250K thanks to the repubs. I'll gladly pay more taxes to save the country for my kids. Why do borrow and spend rupubs worry about maybe a five percent tax increase from the dems. (to get out butts out of the jam the neocons put us in) but have no problems with the ten percent inflation republican economic policies create?

    • Jobs will come from investment* in the U.S. and it's people via energy, technology etc.

      Big business had the opportunity and they chose big profits vs jobs in the U.S.

      *Incentives for new businesses will be most important.

    • Taxing big business and smaller concerns will cost
      more jobs and a more depressed economy. vote republican. go huskies

    • >quiver< appropriate. sounds like Robinhood-tax,tax,tax!

    • You will get to see who really owns the media and the candidates before the election by the coverage. The media is painting this economy as only a normal slowdown and the enormity of it is being swept under the rug. Even as the massive and gigantic reality of it is being experienced by everyone. Now is Obama's time, he has a arsenal of weapons in his quiver, he will have to present his case will all the forcefulness its possible to muster. It's do or die and the battle will rage because the publicans can see the handwriting on the wall and will take no prisoners.

    • Thanks for a very good and articulate post. So very true, in my opin.

    • My personal opinion on the whole thing. Its not good for AMERICA as a whole. of course each party will blame the other when in fact they both have a hand in this pending disaster. Unfortunately there are so many sheep in this country each will pick sides and argue to they are blue in the face. In the mean time the banking system spirals out of control with no end in sight. The whole thing is gonna play out whether we like it or not.

      In the short term this will affect gold to the upside until the banks come in and short the crap out of it again.. it will open higher on monday and probably close at or below where it starts like it has been. I think they are setting it up for a rate cut. JMO.


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