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  • golden_carpe_diem golden_carpe_diem Jan 15, 2009 1:47 PM Flag

    The latest gold bug theory

    Be funny if the socialist Obama, hated by gold bugs, became their saviour.

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    • "Be funny if the socialist Obama, hated by gold bugs, became their saviour. "

      A) You don't speak for Goldbugs.
      B) Patriotic Goldbugs don't hate President Obama.
      C) Where have you been these last few months? We're all socialists now. Although I'm sure you don't consider the Republican "cleaning out the cash drawer on their way out of office" as socialism, and you're right, it's criminal.

      What a freakin' mess the Repubicans have handed off this time to the next government of the people. No wonder so many Republican Senators are not running for re-election, they know their party will be in the wilderness for the next generation. The Repubican party as we know it is dead, and the freakin' unethical incompetence of their leadership killed it. RIP GOP!


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      • Bog, relax dude. No need to pop a vein.

        A) Perhaps we have a different definition of Gold Bug. My definition is the fiat hating, no bail out giving, anti government program Ron Paul supporter. I apoligise if your definition is different. If you consider yourself a goldbug and are an Obama supporter, than obviously our definitions are different, and I am sorry you were so offended by the comment.

        B) Cant argue that one.

        C) You can go fuck yourself on this one. I think the republican administration is a bunch of criminal thugs and I have been an ardent Obama supporter for months. I voted for the man and I have great respect for him. And I have said that here several hundred times. And for you to assume differently leads me to believe maybe you really do have your head up for ass.

    • This is not the latest theory. This theory has been around since November since the Feds balance sheet has expanded dramatically. The fed leverage ratios have increase substantially in this time frame. Estimates have been made that for the Fed to return to its leverage ratios before the crisis they would have to revalue its 8 million ton gold assets to about $3-4000 an oz.

    • He could be the savior of many people if he has any success in this daily shitshow of an economy.

    • Graceland updates?
      I thought Elvis LEFT!

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