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  • baecorine baecorine Apr 29, 2009 7:01 PM Flag

    Swine flu in my county

    My child had to be picked up from school today, coughing, runny nose. New York State has confirmed one case of swine flu in Orange County. We have been trying to call the doctor all afternoon, the line has been busy, you can't get through.

    I regret not keeping my kid out of school this week. I hope this is just a cold, not something more serious. We just got back from vacation on the 18th, we landed in Newark, NJ. Airplanes are probably the easiest place to catch something, the circulate the same air, you can't help but touch something.

    It was 92 here yesterday, 60 today. I can tell you for a fact that 1/3 of the kids in our school are sick. They are just sending them home. I bet the school is closed by morning.

    I hate to say this but I think we will have a full blown pandemic on our hands by this weekend. The government has not told anyone where to go or what to do if they need medical attention. Hospitals could be overwhelmed in 48 hours. While we spent a fortune to fund local fire and police departments to react to terrorist attacks, we did nothing to prepare for this.

    The last thing we need is for the government to tell us everything is OK, it isn't! People are getting sick and they are dying! Where are the Tamiflu doses? How many are there? I bet there is not enough to go around. If tens of thousands start to die, the blame will fall squarely on Obama. Time has been lost, we should have closed schools and public buildings right away instead of telling people to go about their business.

    Now it is too late, sick kids go home, parents go to work and spread the virus. This can explode in 48 hours, millions could fall sick and many could die. I'm phucking pissed off! Nothing seems to be a big deal even when we have fair warning. We knew this was a problem a week ago and we did nothing. There is going to be blood in the streets when people panic and there is no where to go for medical attention. Just imagine pissed off people with guns by the millions. Mr. Obama, you had better pray this doesn't come to that because no one will be safe. If the government turns the military lose to control the population, there will be bloodshed.

    We are off to the emergency room if we can not reach the doctor this evening.

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    • Rather than Facemasks, you may wanna truck on down to the GNC store and buy some Silver-bionics manufactured by ABL American Biologic Labs. They have FDA approved virus killing products. Maybe I can meet you there I'm in the OC too.

    • I never asked a question, but you are most welcome Doc. >>>

    • Bae,

      I totally understand that you are mad as hell

      We live 30 min. form the border in AZ. The teachers, neighbors, everybody is playing this down. We are surrounded by Mexicans in schools, stores etc. Nobody gives a darn...

      • 1 Reply to cochisehomebuyer
      • This virus doesn't care what color your skin is or what passport you carry. They are still trying to blame this on pig to human transmission, that is BS! This virus was created in a lab! It is a mixture, a mutation. This thing was released on purpose, that is why the media is all over this. There are over 200 known flu strains, we get a new virus every year. This one was some azzholes' brain child and it got stolen from a lab or was handled improperly and is now spreading all over the planet.

        Mexico just happens to be the first reported cases, we don't really know if it even started there for sure. Someone unleashed this thing on the public, governments do not freak out over any old flu outbreak. They know what this is and how deadly it can be and they know it came from a lab.

    • They have identified a child in Mexico that is most likely the first case, they live on or near a pig farm. The child recovered but the virus has spread. Go on the CDC website, there were only 9 cases reported from 2005-2009, this is obviously far worse.

      What scares me is that if it really gets bad, sick people don't go to work. That means you could lose power, no fuel to buy, supermarket shelves go bare and so on. If I don't go to work it is no big deal, if the truck driver who delivers food to the store doesn't go to work, it is a problem for all of us.

      I hope I'm going way overboard and that this will simply pass. All I know is that my 9 year old is sick right now with 101 fever. She has been sick many times in the past, they pass it around in school all the time. The kid is never sick in the summer, within a week of being in school, she gets sick. She was fine after we returned from vacation, she started with a runny nose on Saturday.

      I suspect they will close the schools very shortly, I don't know why they haven't. I'm keeping her home, she goes to the doctor in the morning.

    • I have some at the shop, we use them for welding. My wife got the last two boxes at another RiteAid.

    • In Mexico they are handing them out to anyone who passes by, here you can't even buy them. My wife went to another store, got the last two boxes they had. They told her they are getting more on Saturday. I just home from the supermarket, they don't even sell them. I loaded up on water, dried meats, Spam, canned beans and fruits, rice, sardines, anything that has protein or high calories. I'll be damned if I'm going to stand on a line to get food or water.

      I hope this all passes without spreading to the masses. The scary thing is that they just don't know what could happen, better to be prepared than line up with the masses begging for food and water.

    • IMO its better than nothing. That's why I got some just in case. Also, I got some of those wet wipes that are supposed to kill both viruses and bacteria. I used them recently and I believe they kept me from getting sick.

      A wierd thing happened and my normally healthy 19 year old got really sick with a very bad cough, headache, high temp 102+. This was about 4 weeks ago. I had her in and out of her doctor's office and urgent care to no avail, telling us it was some virus. Finally we took her to the ER she was so bad. They did all kinds of blood work, etc. and finally decided to keep her there because her white cell count was exceptionally low, again in line with a virus although they confirmed that she didn't have mono. They did lots more tests for everything under the sun and all came back negative. We even had an infectious disease specialist on the case. Keep in mind this was all just before the swine flu outbreak. Finally, she started improving after 3 days and they released her to go home and rest.

      Thankfully, she's a lot better now, but when we went to the infectious disease specialist for a follow up visit, he said it must have just been a wierd virus and that more and more of them are getting very nasty. Again, this was all just before the swine flu outbreak. I don't think it could have been that though, as my husband and I didn't catch it, but again, I was going around the house like a nut with those anti virus and anti bacteria wipes. Maybe it helped.

    • Bae:

      If you can't find masks anywhere, I would be happy to look here in CA for you and overnight them if you want.

      I figured this would happen and I bought some over the weekend for my family just in case. Not sure how many the stores have left, but I would certainly be willing to look for you. Let me know.

      I'll check to see if you respond to this post again later.

    • Bae - wishing a speedy recovery (and just a cold) to your child and prayers are with your family.

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