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  • mri3tesla mri3tesla Nov 28, 2009 1:19 PM Flag

    Climategate- and the men behind the curtain

    As Dorothy and the rest of the world stare at Al and the gang now that the curtain has been pulled open- they still move forward and pull the strings as if nothing has happened. It is only now that you realize the real motive behind this gigantic hoax-- MONEY. Cap and TAX was a monumental transfer of wealth to the Government based on lies. Another raping of our industrial base, making the "evil" carbon emitters cough up their ill gotten gains. Health Care "reform" is the same BS. Monstrous new taxes on job producers that must be paid NOW ( in the middle of this Depression) when nothing at all will change for at least three years.
    We must vote ALL of the incumbants out. We must demand term limits. We must demand the same funding for a third party as these two twin parties with different names get. This is no time to be politically inactive -- write your Senators, forget the Congressman as they are hopeless and are toast anyway.

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    • You are right on! Remember to vote for the "radical". Our government is broke and needs money and will get it by "hook" or by "crook."

    • I hope that you are wrong but the revelation that we are being lied to on so many levels may bring out a proactive populace.
      This Climategate hoax, and other environmentalist whacko B--S, has led to the U.S. not exploiting it's resources and becoming a wealthy exporting Country.
      We have oil-- we have coal -- we have uranium.
      We must drill-mine- and not allow the exportation of our high technology.
      We can convert our coal to low sulphur diesel and do what the Euro's do , use high performance 50 mile per gallon diesels instead of gas,and pie in the sky electric cars..
      These same clowns have deterred the only real and viable "green" power and that is nuclear energy.
      We can environmentally drill for oil not only in Alaska but off of our shores.
      I am all for incresed use of alternative energy sources and the jobs that they can produce as long as the Government keeps their noses out of it.
      The bottom line is that a very few "green whackos" have prevented us from moving into the 21'st century. And with their willing accomplices in the Government, have perpetuated wholly fabricated science that is not challenged, and is detrimental to the country.
      Name one other country in the world that would shut off the water to one of the world's most fertile agricultural regions for a 2 inch fish!!
      These people are InSaNe-- and are unfortunately-- funded like Acorn is-- by our money.
      This HAS to end

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