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      DECEMBER 2010.
      GREAT! BUT why that is stock going from left to right,up for 1 month, then going down for another.. for year now, 2007 to be exact.

      I am not an expert and don't want to become one.

      I remember Jim Cramer and another Guest Expert, Feb 15 2007, mentioning Yamana, the Darling of W T at $15.15 and I bought 1000 shares, 4 years ago... It was a mistake I know now but was hoping...
      I just read your corporate presentation, look GREAT, GIVE ME SOME LITTLE HOPE, than I READ from a member "themightwy"
      Rah rah rah sis boom bah!!! You do know that by hyping this upcoming marrone pumpfest you are setting yourself up for a big dissappointment!
      This is not good for new buyer or us.
      Who to believed, CORPORATE PRESENTATION DECEMBER 2010 REPORT who have been audited by Government and Officials.
      I am not making all this, I am reading this board with material not from me,you also could read it. Merci
      To help yamana, if you like this company and believe of tomorrow and own some, give good honest comments
      If you don't like this company and have no share, please...........

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      • PFW it has nothing to do with liking the stock. I closely follow the charts and anticipate what the market is doing and now it relates to AUY or another stock. Right now it is a short and I will stay short until I am stop out. I could care less about AUY but i
        will be long in march because it will be difficult for AUY to miss the numbers based on the price of commodity in the 4th qtr.
        IF AUY runs up prior to earnings then the price maybe bake in.

    • If you click down to page 25 of this presentation you will find a list of the 8 production increases that AUY is planning to announce. Six of those increases are at existing mines and two are at mines under construction. Two of the 8 have allready been announced(Minerea and Gualcamayo). The other 6 are still to be announced.

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