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  • bos_nu bos_nu Sep 27, 2011 1:24 PM Flag

    I don't know.

    who or what kind of BS software is trading this equity. we should be at +7% up at this time. they must be playing the frustration card!!

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    • I would call it insanity.
      In my long experience in Gold and Silver stocks I have never seen anything like this…how is it possible for Gold to be up so much and the stocks down…..the HUI closed 3 points below yesterdays close….if this is not manipulation by the big guys nothing is

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      • Part 3

        The only way out of this is a return to honest money, but it seems the banksters, and their private investors, will take every market down rather than concede that as a solution, destroying prosperity for all but them worldwide as a result. Many of our nation’s politicians have to be aware of this, as well as those of other countries, but it seems that they are more interested in lining their pockets with the knowledge of what is inevitable rather than acting as suggested. Maybe they’re also privately using Clint Eastwood’s lines in Dirty Harry of, “Go ahead. Make my day.”, however it’s the criminals this time, and not Dirty Harry making the statement.

      • Part 2

        As mentioned today on this message board, take a look at the DJIA chart over about an 18 year time span until today. It’s got to be making the banksters full of terror at the H&S that is forming. This is historic, and eclipses anything seen before, including during the Great Depression. The pattern hasn’t quite completed yet, but it is getting close to doing so. If it does there will be a precipitous drop making 2008 look like a minor correction.

        tinyurl com/massiveHnS (replace the space with “.” on the address line to access)

      • Part 1

        “In my long experience in Gold and Silver stocks...” ?

        In your “long experience”? Where have you been? It seems from your remarks you have some doubts that manipulation is taking place by monetary and political operatives.

        Manipulation has been going on since forever. Milton Friedman, for example, touted manipulation of the gold market as a stabilization means within “monetary” policy. The PM markets are TOTALLY manipulated as a way to keep the banksters’ counterfeit fiat monopoly money schemes alive. They will manipulate whatever markets available to them using printed (TARP, QE and related government securities) funds as a means.

      • Let's break it up into 3 pieces to see what doesn't post.

      • It seems the "powerz" didn't wish you to have responses, so they are blocking any of any length that could be of value.

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