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  • thermonuke May 3, 2012 10:35 PM Flag

    US$ vs Gold by Willie

    Good lord. Yes please continue your Presidential economic lecture from over 200 years ago. Our economies and geopolitics are of course identical today after all.

    Your problem is that you want a bad guy. You need a bad guy. Take a look at the ballot next time you vote for a House member.

    You have failed this engagement in many ways. You have even failed to address the initial question to your "article."

    You have failed to acknowledge that we both agree, WE THE PEOPLE can do anything. To you, the only thing that means is bringing down the Fed.

    You have failed to defend how USA would have surpassed USSR in the 80s without monetary expansion.

    You have failed to even engage me on the impacts and merits of trade and foreign tax policies vs Fed monetary expansion.

    By your own comment "The losses are therefore born by all to whom the Fed is indebted." WHY? Another failure.

    You have failed to explain what would happen if Treasury DID assume the Fed balance sheet sufficiently.

    You have failed to consider how ANY court could uphold the constitutionality of Federal Reserve Notes if Treasury assumed the balance sheet.

    You have failed to convince me that you are from VT or even a fellow American.

    But you HAVE convinced me that having "a bad guy" is more important to you than wiping out the cash value of all Fed Notes in circulation.

    Folks vote me 1-star if you must but this guy is just another fear mongerinng conspiracy wacko. He is afraid of China and the Fed is out to take your job and your money.

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