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  • drstone3_bellsouth_net drstone3_bellsouth_net Nov 12, 2012 6:06 PM Flag

    Tin Foil Hat Lunatics stinking the board up - Report them!

    Keep this board AUY related..,
    get the old lunatic teabagger crowd off and back into their assisted living center sewing chores.

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    • So Doc,

      Where are your enlightening posts on AUY or the gold market?

      Today for instance, gold and silver are up and most of the gold stocks are down. Why do you think that is happening?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hey Doc,

      What do you do for a living? How are all the government handouts you are accumulating? Are you prospering well on the hard work of others that must pay into the system for your support?

      Judging by your reaction you’re definitely one of those liberal gas bags that hopes to shut everyone up that you are not in agreement with. Maybe the “dr” part refers to the brainwashing you got pursuing a graduate degree in econ fully backed by the banksters. Too bad that they didn’t notice your reading comprehension is way below par, otherwise you never would have matriculated. Or are they now accepting those with bankster sympathies (meaning better ways to defraud in our system of fiat money), regardless of any other talent? And maybe, like our current President, it was a case of getting acceptance on a quota basis, which really did nothing to raise your achievement level.

      Why don’t you take your #$%$ views where you’ll find your surroundings more to your liking, like perhaps Venezuela, or Cuba, rather than this message board? Or try reading more of those Frank Marshall Davis pieces on your bookshelf, as you are undoubtedly want to do, to lift your spirits from their current funk.

      Now you can go cry to the censors that your feelings have been hurt because you’ve been ousted as a left winger, which anyone can see for themselves based on your posting history. If you don’t get what you ask for from the censors, just remember if you come back here again get ready to be the recipient of more of the same if you can’t keep a civil touch on your computer keyboard. That goes for your buddy, too, which includes all of the above.

      And now you both can conjure up all the aliases you’ve accumulated to thumb down this post, that is if you’ve not been sent weeping into the corner of your room too depressed to respond.

      Goldmanpillageandsack, you are too much of a gentleman. People like this are not prone to taking suggestions. They need to find other environs where their views will be welcomed, as pointed out above.

    • You can post something of value here any time you like...

      In taking a look at your posts under this ID, you are not exactly the pinnacle of wisdom. If you understand the gold market and this company, please feel free to make a contribution to the board.

      More posters with good ideas and original thought are always welcome... Bring it!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • That wanderer idiot and his sidekick alias global are prime time lonely jagoffs with NOTHING to contribute to AUY discussions.

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