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  • goldmanpillageandsack goldmanpillageandsack Dec 29, 2012 4:28 AM Flag

    Manipulation tapering off?

    Gold had a double bottom at the end of last year, with final lows on the 28th 29th & 30th, the last three trading days of the year. Gold rallied throughout January and into February, making up for all of Decembers manipulated low.

    We now have one trading day left in the year, and it is the thinly traded Monday the 31st, New Years eve.

    The manipulation of gold with large contract sell orders in quiet periods is in clear evidence all over the charts. I see no reason that the JPMorgue & their friends will not hit gold and silver hard for a last day of the year "mark to market" save of their massive short position.

    As obvious as it is, they can do it wit impunity...

    That trading day should put an end to the manipulation lower and it should taper off and allow for a January recovery in Gold & silver.

    Having closed my recent Yen short, I am positioned to buy a few calls and sell some puts in an attempt to take advantage of these shenanigans.

    The "cliff" may override all other market conditions on Monday so it should be a fun day!

    In general, look for a recovery to start on Jan 2nd for gold mining shares...

    Happy New Year to all!


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    • Here's more recent agreement with your analysis:

      "The Character Of The Mining Sector Is Changing"

      Put that title in your browser for a current look at the PM sector.

    • goldmanpillageandsack goldmanpillageandsack Jan 19, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

      This hypothesis is starting to play out now with PM's starting to gain some momentum. It is likely that the fundamentals of the currency war are influencing the markets to a substantial degree.

      I am shocked (and encouraged) that it will take the Fed 7 years to return the small percentage of gold that Germany has demanded. Clearly, the Fed has re-hypothecated Germany's gold and the Fed is vulnerable to a run on gold by any combination of Central Bank, Sovereign Wealth Fund or Hedge Fund re-patriation or aggressive buying of physical gold on the open market.

      I often consider what would happen if China decided to take advantage of it's long position in gold by selling US Treasuries and adding those funds to it's gold buying program.

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      • I would say the fact that Germany is slowly bringing its gold back from New York and Paris over a period of 7 years is more evidence that they don't have the gold at this time. Germany has just introduced about 100 tons of additional demand per year, since the gold has to come from somewhere. In addition, other central banks may begin doing the same thing as Germany.

    • 'In general, look for a recovery to start on Jan 2nd for gold mining shares...'
      What's your prediction now?

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      • The manipulation has not slowed down yet. The past three days have seen sharp selloffs between 7:00 and 8:00 am after world trading brought prices up overnight.

        The end of year margin requirement reduction of 9% brought a quick rally that was crushed and this did some more damage to market sentiment.

        Pretty obvious manipulation but with the regulators acting as pawns of the Banking Cartel, it is not going to be prosecuted.

        What keeps me in the gold market at this time is the fact that since we hit our high of $1,900 in August of 2011, world central banks have printed over $3.5 Trillion dollars into existence. This puts substantial upward pressure on the PM's from a fundamental currency in circulation basis.

        On a short term outlook (two month). The dollar has been rising and gold holding it's own. We are headed straight at another debt ceiling debate and If they balk at raising it, they will hurt our credit rating with the threat of default. If they raise the debt ceiling they will hurt the dollar through dilution. Looks like a win-win for the miners.

        So I'm sitting back, selling puts and waiting (patiently) for the rally...

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    • OOppss!!!

    • This was even better than I expected!

      The budget deal will likely result in an additional $4 Trillion in (*additional*) deficits over the next ten years. This on top of the $1.2+++ Trillion annual deficits we run now... Unfunded Liabilities remain at $220+++ Trillion over the next 20 years.

      I see no way for the PM's and the companies that produce them to remain as undervalued as they are today for any extended period...


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    • January 2, 2013 5:45 am: Percentage change, Dollar vs other currencies (per Yahoo)

      Argentine Peso: +0.22
      Australian Dollar: -1.04
      Brazilian Real: -1.44
      British Pound: -0.91
      Canadian Dollar: -0.79
      Chilean Peso: -0.16
      Chinese Yuan: -0.04
      Colombian Peso: -0.40
      Euro: -0.38
      Hong Kong Dollar: +0.01
      India Rupee: -1.06
      Iraqi Dinar: +0.17
      Israeli Shekel: -0.70
      Japanese Yen: +2.87
      Korean Won: -1.02
      US Dollar: -1.40
      New Zealand Dollar: -1.83
      Phillippeans Peso: -0.63
      Russian Ruble: -0.95
      Saudi Arabia Real: +0.01
      Singapore Dollar: -0.01
      South African Rand: -1.46
      Swiss Frank: -0.33
      Taiwan Dollar: -0.11

      Look for the Fed to and its major bank partners to manipulate PMs downwards as the market opens in support of the US Dollar. London had a weak response upwards, which indicates they are no longer relevant.

    • I found this paragraph on Harvey Organ's page. It claims that when we approached the debt ceiling last time it prevented the manipulation of gold and resulted in gold's all-time high (in dollars). We have hit the ceiling again at this moment.

      The following is from Harvey Organ's page (go there if you want more context):

      A cafe member of Lemetropole pointed out that in July 2011, gold advanced for 11 straight days, something that it has not done in the previous 12 years. He correctly points out that the USA had reached its debt ceiling then and negotiations between the Republicans and the Democrats were in full steam. Timothy Geithner had to use extra measures by borrowing from the Federal Pension funds to finance the government.
      Part of the borrowings were from the ESF which everyone knows is the trading and funding arm for gold/silver manipulation. The ESF has around 40 billion dollars and once this fund was withdrawn, the boys could no longer manipulate gold to the same extent as before. Once the debt ceiling was resolved on August 1 2011, it was business as usual for our clowns. We will probably see the same conditions as we begin the 2013 year as negotiations commence on a new debt ceiling level.

    • Again, your topic is locked by censors against meaningful repliess.

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