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  • goldmanpillageandsack goldmanpillageandsack Feb 7, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    Margin changes

    Today the CME lowered margin requirements for futures traders of gold by 10% and silver by 14%.

    This will encourage buying...

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    • Agreed.

    • Where are you getting this information? The only title related to your information is at the following:

      “CME Group Cutting Margin Requirements For Comex Gold, Silver” This was posted on November 16, 2012. There was NO more recent information.

      Or did you mean the COMEX?

      Whatever. There is NO recent info to be found.

      Hopefully you have not moved to the dark side and become a “spammer”.

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      • hapi,

        Perhaps you should look at the CME's (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) site. It shows the following information:


        COMEX 100 Gold Futures (GC). If you looked, you would see Decreased rates for Spec's, Hedgers and Members, falling from $6,600 initial current & $6,000 maintenance to initial of $5,940 and maintenance of $5,400 for gold (10%).


        COMEX 5000 Silver futures (SI). Spec's, Hedgers and Members Decreased rates from $12,100 to $10,450 on the initial and decreased rates from $11,000 to $9,500 for maintenance (14%).

        Or of course, you might try googling "CME Cuts Margins". The first four links cover the decrease.

        As far as your "spammer" comment goes? Get a grip and do some fact checking before throwing rocks!

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    • Wednesday the 13th is the day the new margin rates will apply.

      In looking at the volumes and pricing of futures contracts, we are coming close to backwardation with only .80 cents separating the three front months of the strip. In looking out to June of 2014 (16 months) the premium is down to $12.40!

      38.61 tons of gold are standing for delivery in February against a deliverable inventory of 82.33 tons at the CRIMEX. They better find some inventory fast!

      The Banking Cartel is manipulating the price of gold aggressively and in many cases, shorting gold stocks to starve them of capital and credibility. Unfortunately for the bankers, driving the price down reduces longer term supply as mining companies can not get financing to expand production.

      I continue to think that the lower margins will encourage buying of the precious metals and the mining companies.

      Thursday's price action will be the test of my theory that additional investments will occur when the new margin rates apply... It sure did not help for the last few days... We live and learn!

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