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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Feb 11, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    RPI/CPI ratio

    We all know what a Gold/Silver ratio chart is. How about a Real Price Index (RPI)/Consumer Price Index ratio or RPI/CPI. Perhaps it also exists but hasn’t as yet been found. Obviously the United States Government, BLS is not going to release such a chart. What would such a chart look like? The suspicion is that it would look somewhat like the Fed’s lending to the Federal Government for its spending lust (hyperbolic increase). This explains the Fed’s enormous growth in its profits, since all that lending is paid for by the hidden “inflation” factor, meaning all of us, except government workers with their secure public union contracts that address such “inflation”.

    The RPI is the sort of translation from the USSR’s phony government statistics that the CIA used to extract from the old Soviet Union. Fat chance they’ll be doing it here in the United States. Here private economist data has to be relied on, like at ShadowStats.

    The fact is that there are a growing number of analysts stating that the economy is growing in the face of the forgotten issue of an enormous derivate overhang, a focus on the growth of bank share prices, such as JP Morgan’s accounting practices that would put most other businesses subject to lawsuits and the CEO’s facing criminal charges, the phony unemployment numbers the government puts out and the overlooked 0.1% downturn in the GDP. And we all know that Jon Corzine still is free as a bird for his MF Global theft of segregated funds. For most of us investing in JPM is like investing in an abortion clinic, which for some, without scruples, that probably is their cup of tea.

    What this amounts to going forward is that there are going to be a lot of dead seniors from exposure to the elements in northern climes when “inflation” really hits with a vengeance from storms like Hurricane Sandy and a similar Northeast cold snap. Of course deaths and the repair of storm damage, again, are carefully hidden government statistics.

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