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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Feb 14, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Why are PM markets crashing?

    Those who are attempting to protect themselves from fraudulent fiat money need to read the internet article titled: “THEY DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME ...” by David Icke.

    Please don’t be afraid to read this, as many are. Your financial health depends on your understanding of the forces that move financial markets to your detriment.

    There is one big point of contention here, because it is an unknown, and has never been proven. And that is the claims about the World Trade Center’s Building 7’s destruction as a “controlled demolition.

    If you do so you will see what you are up against as PM investors. Don’t think for a minute that the current downturn in AU and AG, or other related commodities is the result of free market trading. As mentioned many times here the timelines of the manipulators exceed human life spans. But there are limits that can be guessed at as to price destruction. As such current strategies should be to gravitate towards physical investments. Any investments in PM shares can only benefit as a result in the future.

    If you doubt the claims of the above author, please use your browser to access a piece titled: “The Rothschild Conspiracy”, by Brian Dunning. This is a polar opposite view. Note that NOWHERE within is there any mention of what took place in 1910 at Jekyll Island, and the date of passage of the Federal Reserve Act on December 24, 1913, when all opponents were out of town.

    While this article is well written, in some respects, it certainly appears the parenthetical descriptions following personages therein, was the result of a “Find and Replace” capability of author’s MS Word program, which could for many lead to incredulity. How much of the first cited article can be traced to sources is unknown, since there are no links, but there is enough surrounding information on many of the statements to lead to the suspicion that there is more than just a grain of truth within. This is NOT the kind of fully documented information within book titled, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin.

    The bottom line is, be very careful on what you think is your own level of accurate prediction on the direction of PM markets. Many on this and other PM message boards express their expertise on that point, but rarely report their losses. We should want all investors outside the cabal of the central bank to succeed, as that will be the CBs downfall. Real protection against their tyrannical control means physical possession.

    Both of the above referenced accounts are considered wild polar opposites with many statements that few can actually prove, as there are no corroborating links. But an attempt was made to make sense of the PM backdrop in the face of fundamentals that should indicate the opposite of what is taking place.

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