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  • goldmanpillageandsack goldmanpillageandsack Feb 25, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    Italy's Election!!!

    Few people understand the true ramifications of Italy's election. Goldman Sachs pawn, (Mario Monti) was thrown from office after receiving only 10% of the vote. The coalition government will be over 60% in favor of leaving the EU! This does in fact represent the desire of the people of Italy to stop bailing out Banking Cartel members who made bad loans and then expect the taxpayers to bail them out when the loans go bad.

    Democracy in action is what it is: Remember what happened in Greece when the people voiced their desire to put the bailout to a vote? The leader who proposed the referendum was driven from office by the Banking Cartel. Greece was subjugated by the banks and its people enslaved and impoverished.

    There are two trades to look at:

    Italian bonds (rates will rise).

    Gold (Italy's government is a threat to the Euro).

    This should be fun to watch, trade and learn from!

    Shifts of this nature are huge and this event will have ra

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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