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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Mar 27, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    For those who are paying attention:

    Charts are a valuable tool. It is also noteworthy the way in which they are provided over time, and particularly in the case of Yahoo.

    For example:
    1. The Yahoo chart for the NYSE, in a long term chart over 15 years, displays only monthly chart points, but has been going back considerably before 1990. Also, today for the first time Yahoo is now providing Interactive charts again, having made them unavailable for at least 6 months. During the time that the Basic chart was provided the H&S pattern was visible during a 15 year time span.

    2. For the DJIA only the basic chart was provided, but today the Interactive one is available. Previously Yahoo only provided chart history going back to about 2005. Today, since the DJIA has hit new “highs”, if you believe a “high” can be defined without considering loss of monetary value, Yahoo now even provides weekly data without crashing your browser. That’s so all of you can “clearly” see that an “uptrend” is in place. How convenient, and what a coincidence that it should be provided now, but not previously. If you attempt to obtain history prior to 2000 the DJIA chart flat lines. Going back to about 2005 the Yahoo DJIA Interactive chart history was available all the way back to 1929 so you too could be a “student of the Great Depression”, and not just Bernookie.

    If you look at an “inflation” adjusted DJIA chart the picture is much different. The long term H&S pattern is very much still in place.

    Be careful those who provide charts are not trying to manipulate your conclusions. They very much want you to believe that market indices are signaling a new “bull” market. That is a sure indication that they are in “fleecing” mode. The govmint and the elitists need your “money” to cover their failures, which they will obtain from the unwary when the mirage being created of a new “bull” market turns south and lines the pockets of the elite along with increased govmint control..

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    • Your correct,
      You won't hear MSM tell you DOW is making new highs in a inflated enviroment, just as you won't hear gold going up in a Jananese enviroment, but will here it staying flat or negative in USD terms.

      • 1 Reply to datbehadwork
      • There is an interesting video by G. Edward Griffin that is an accompaniment to his book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. At the beginning of the video he states that the central banks control most everything heard on the MSM, and many other things, including what is taught in schools and universities, since they print the money used most everywhere.

        If anyone is interested the audio is available at: “The Creature from Jekyll Island (Audio) – YouTube” This video begins by stating the level of control CBs have over many facets of life besides MSM and schools. The audio can be easily found by placing the above title in the “phrase” portion of your browser. (As most of you know Yahoo does not allow links, unless they are Yahoo approved.- This is a change put in place by Yahoo’s more fascist new management with the change masquerading as an anti-spam measure, but in reality is censorship.)

        In line with the title of this topic, has anyone noticed at the time of this post how PM prices were manipulated to favor Asian nations and their nearby neighbors? Prices went down there considerable only to surge when entering English and American markets. We are being $crewed by the western central banks that are attempting to save socialist Europe, and socialist Americas as well, but are destroying the living standards of the people residing there in the process. Those interested in not becoming victims visit msg boards like this, where the more successful will become the future new rich, despite the negatives placed upon them by manipulative Yahoo control freaks.

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