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  • man_from_midwest_60 man_from_midwest_60 Apr 18, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Crooks on Wall st.

    No doubt the crooks caused the crash. Who invented paper cold anyway. The crooks on Wall St.
    Physical gold in high demand world wide. Unbelievable what these crooks can invent to rig the deck.

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    • It is amazing the mild terms with which banksters are described. When considering the massive hard times their operations cause for average people you’d think there would be an enormous crowd lining up outside their offices to demand their heads, or at the very least jail cells with no access to outside communications, and life sentences without the possibility of parole. But no, timidity reigns.

      How about, instead of crooks, they were called “mass murderers”, for that’s the result of their theft by spreading fiat garbage (legal tender & various derivatives) over the face of the Earth if there was true transparency of cause and effect. If that seems over the top, keep in mind that the objective is to maintain the viability of counterfeit fiat monopoly money at any cost, possibly to include the recent events in Boston.

      Suffering apparently is the better option than demanding that economic liberty be restored. One has to wonder if recent events of a terrorist type nature have not been in fact “false flags” to remove yet more liberties as it seems Democrat operatives, including the POTUS, are screaming for in the most strident of terms.

      As Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      So a prediction, given the mild terms used to describe these operatives as “crooks”, is that the destruction of our liberties will continue backed by most mass media sources to lull the public into compliance, or otherwise labeled them as part of the “kook” fringe.

      Keep in mind that it is best to define things in the most strident of terms on this message board to see if the censors delete your post. That is worth the price of admission to the world of reality and is quite benign in personal terms.

    • robino column on kitco pretty much confirms the above sentiments with facts and lucid explantion of the mechanics and the identities of the "crooks"

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