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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer May 6, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

    ‘Bout banks and bullion

    Recent reports state that the US mega-banks are acquiring PM bullion, while in the past they sold it. Since that is the case would anyone that has been acquiring their own personal stash like to venture a guess why individuals cannot take a fraction of theirs to any bank and receive in return fiat money at the going dollar rate for PMs? Why would banks refuse to exchange on such a basis to individuals? Are they not doing so already with the COMEX and similar outlets worldwide? Doesn’t that indicate to readers of this topic the serf status that they occupy?

    Further, shouldn’t this topic be one that has been widely discussed previously throughout the Internet, other than by so called experts? Doesn’t this question go to the heart of the matter when consideration is given to the widely recognized destructive nature of fiat money (including so-called debt free notes)? Are people really willing to give up their liberty to the banking cartel? Doesn’t it seem to be to so if many are not asking similar questions? Since China, Germany, India and others are placing vending machines for similar exchanges, why are they not also available here? Do you believe that almost all of the US central government is part of the conspiracy, along with their handlers at the Fed, to not provide a means to make such exchanges?

    Historically, after President Jackson’s opposition to a continuance of the private 2nd Bank of the United States, Lincoln, then an Illinois State Legislator backed the continuance of the charter for the bank in opposition to Jackson. Was Lincoln really the anti-slavery individual he is portrayed as, given the control freak nature of fiat money? Is Steven Spielberg yet another Rothschild operative with his recent movie, “Lincoln”?

    Is America REALLY free, as the propaganda suggests? Do we really have true liberty, as imprinted on all our debased “money”? Aren’t both major parties at fault for not addressing these questions?

    Just Wondrer

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