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  • stevemcqueen7890 stevemcqueen7890 Jun 7, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

    If you want to be safe your phone needs to be tapped.


    This is true as is "waterboarding is not torture".

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    • Miss Alabama 2013, Mary Margaret McCord: “Question from Wendie Malick, the actress: “Government tracking of phone records has been in the news lately. Is this an invasion of privacy or necessary to keep our country safe? Why or why not?”

      Miss Alabama: “I think the society that we live in today, it’s sad that if we go to the movies or to the airport or even to the mall that we have to worry about our safety. So that I would rather someone track my telephone messages and feel safe wherever I go than feel like they’re, um, encroaching on my privacy.”

      Unfortunately the response of a beautiful woman is held as being intelligent, without considering the fact that beauty and intelligence should be held as mutually exclusive. But it is a fact of life that the separation, for most, is impossible to make most times. Maybe that’s what beauty pageants are all about, to get the responses that elitists want. We are, after all, talking about “royalty” here (as in queens). For those who believe in reincarnation, perhaps Miss McCord is a reincarnated King George. Never forget that the royalty of Europe was kept in power by banksters, well known for supporting both sides in military conflicts.

    • Can you imagine what the bureaucrats charged with looking at phone records might discover if they obtain inside information on some highly successful Wall Street wheeler dealers? They most probably will find it of a lot more interest than activities like the Boston Marathon bombers, which apparently even information from Russian intelligence didn't move them to take preventative action.

      We are definitely headed down the road to tyranny when the IRS is being used to disadvantage the political opposition, and there is total disinterest in being engaged in doing the People's business, as defined by the US Constitution.

      The NDAA can stick these comments where the sun doesn't shine.

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