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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jul 22, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    Will PMs crash again today upon the NYMEX open?

    The price of gold is up by over $20/oz just prior to the New York opening. The question is, will it be the same old, same old manipulative crash as soon as it enters NY NYMEX opening. For those that discount manipulation and claim market pricing the odds them being right are against them, based on previous history.

    The time, as of this writing, is 5:15 EDT.

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    • Well, here we are again. The PMs were driven down to mid-session so the banksters could cause another group of “weak sisters” to let go of their gold & silver investments into bankster hands or discourage buying, after which the price levitated into the close. There is definitely a noose in their future and the sooner the better brought about by a yet to be created new membership of the SCOTUS, as the current one is completely captured by fraudulent corporatists and bankster interests.

      So where are we headed from here. The best way to find that out is to bug Fed meetings with an electronic bug the size of a fly that can sit in on Fed meeting walls under the control of TRUE Americans, and not elitist European interests. Thereafter it can fly away undetected after revealing enough to bring down the whole sordid mess known as the Federal Reserve System. It ought to be worth far more than the cost of development and counter NSA attacks on the 4th Amendment along with the bankster captured US Congress.

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      • hapi -- Just a "heads up"... don't know if you have seen it yet, but JP Morgan announced AFTER closing Friday that they are getting out of the commodities market. I don't need to tell you what that means.
        JP Morgan currently has more outstanding paper that has been called for delivery (for a few months now) than they have in their vault to make the delivery with. They would theoretically have to buy gold to make delivery and they have not had any additions to their gold inventories this year.

        Zurich and Singapore markets have not reacted yet, but the London market has already reacted to the silver market and the prices are already headed UP. -- Should be an interesting week.

    • Bump!

      “…The question is, will it be the same old, same old manipulative crash as soon as it enters NY NYMEX opening. …”

      Here we are again. The take-down occurred just as the NYMEX opened. It was pretty much flat up till then. Adolph Hitler had nothing on these banksters in terms of their total disregard for the well-being of the rest of the world and the perhaps billions that will eventually die as a result from famine or other causes related to drastically lowered living standards that are the historical result when governments resort to fiat money.

      The Founders defined what the US Constitution left out in terms of exactly what sanctions were to be exacted for counterfeiting. The Coinage Act of 1792 stated that in detail. The trouble is it was never used. But you can be sure that if it is not there will be no permanence to riddance of the Federal Reserve Act and “world government” to enslave everyone will be the result.

      Einstein supposedly stated, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”. You can put Bernanke, most of the Congress and the POTUS in that category when it comes to allowing the Federal Reserve to remain in existence, stealing from people worldwide with their counterfeit fiat monopoly money for nearly 100 years. Who of any public stature is saying, "This must stop NOW!" with a message that reaches EVERYONE?

    • Even smaller economic countries have began divesting of the dollar recently in light of the debt ridden U.S. dollar. BRIC countries are currently meeting and discussing a new oil currency (again) to trade with in preparation of the September G-20 meeting in Russia. The U.S. has fought this move in the past, but is rapidly losing it's "standing/power" to influence the economic world.

      Does the global banker have any "ammo" left to attack the PM market in a last ditch effort to drive it down further? Paper trading of PMs is over extended in comparison to their physical reserves. Will the markets get "bailed out" with the printing of more fiat currencies? Will the public stand for that?

      Before the last election there was a guy giving speeches in Detroit bragging about how he had saved the city by bailing out GM... that wasn't very long ago and look at Detroit today. -- The people are becoming aware of the vast amount of lies and propaganda being dispensed by governments in an attempt to hoodwink the herd.

      I'm not cutting loose of physical.

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      • “…The people are becoming aware of the vast amount of lies and propaganda being dispensed by governments in an attempt to hoodwink the herd.”

        It will be about time, if it happens. No wonder massive criminal enterprises carried out through central banks can continue if it takes this long. It’s obvious that most people don’t even know what central banks are, and still think the Federal Reserve is part of the US Government. For those who read this, play stupid and take your next opportunity to ask those you know to explain to you what the Federal Reserve is. That should be a revelation on the widespread ignorance of the most important piece of understanding to people’s survival worldwide.

        But, unfortunately, what you are likely to find out is that when people are presented with facts to dispel their ignorance the probable outcome is that they will choose to remain ignorant. It is more likely that widespread impoverishment and a decline in living standard that drastically increase the mortality rate will be the needed “light at the end of the tunnel” for those who survive. One example is Detroit. Another is the flood during the time of Noah. The flood this time is counterfeit fiat monopoly money being issued worldwide in various currencies in amounts that exceed human comprehension. This is evil that also exceeds the comprehension of most, and should be dealt with according to the Coinage Act of 1792 but most likely will not be done through legal means as it should for any sort of permanence.

    • I believe that the manipulation is going to start being seen in the reverse direction (bringing gold up). If not now then soon.

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