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  • georges10 georges10 Nov 21, 2002 10:39 AM Flag

    What happened to all the pumpand dumps

    They seem to have taken the quick profits and fled the scene.

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    • Ya Ya Ya you're a genius and we are idiots. What part of your ass do you want us to kiss?

      Long term sentiment: I don't have one...ask Lapnirop

    • Message from last April when the pumpers were running this board. This was a reply to all teh pumpers that were convinced that WEX was the nex microsoft.

      "If you read my past posts I was pretty much the lone soldier saying to buy this stock. Now the stock goes up a little bit and there are predictions of it hitting 11 dollars and earnings pushing 75 cents a share. I love the optimism, but you manic depressives really should get out of stock speculating and start betting on the horses. This stock will drop below one dollar long before it ever even threatens 11.00 per share. And I like the stock."

      Now with the stock at 1.30 I think there may be some believers that the stock will hit 1.00 before it hits anywhere near 11.00. I have owned and sold and rebought and resold this stock since it was WLET and it is not an 11.00 stock no matter what the pumpers try to say, and it is not on its death bed (pun intended) like the dumpers say. What it is is a fluctuating stock between 1 and 3 dollars with an occational spike and an occasional drop. Live with it or try another stock.

    • Have you been watching your recomended list since you posted it, WEX is still beating them since you posted, this is not a good time for WEX,PLXS or for that matter any of the electronic equipment suppliers, Probably a good time to lay low until things settle out. PLXS lost almost 3.00 so far today. OUCH but WEX is holding steady.

    • Sorry about that link. Was trying to give you the 8/12/02 release regarding the multi-year exclusive agreement with Select Comfort. Unless somebody else knows how to do the link, you have to go to the Winland homepage and click on Investor Information.

    • No quarrel with your other stock selections, but the WEX situation cuts both ways. I don't think anyone would argue that losing Select Comfort wouldn't be a serious problem, but that seems very unlikely, at least for a reasonable period of time.


      If Winland was capable of developing relationships like the one they have with Select, then they should be capable of doing it with other companies, too. Maybe easier said than done, but if successful, WEX has only 3 million shares outstanding. So, the upside impact could be enormous. It'll probably take awhile, but it's not like WEX is trading at some precarious valuation.

      Hopefully, Q3 was an anomaly, and Q4 will be solid enough to put the PE somewhere around 5 or 6. That should provide a decent springboard for the share price.

    • SLR was as low as $1.50 a month and a half ago. It currently in the 3's having bounced up to $5. You have a company with $2 billion in cash with a global footprint and diverse customer base. All of their metrics are improving i.e. inventory terms, cash cycle.

      WEX does not have the base or critical mass to add any significant customers and if Select decides to move or second source, WEX has big problems. IMHO

    • By coincidence I have been tracking those stocks along with others in the electronic OEM sector and this is how they have fared in aprox the the past year I have tracked them since December 20, 2001.
      PLXS>>>>>> -44%
      FLEX>>>>>> -52%
      SLR>>>>>>> -71%
      SANM>>>>>> -76%

      WEX>>>>>>> +182%

      Just curious, how are those stocks better than WEX?

    • Flex, SLR, SANM, PLXS to name a few. Look at their recent performance.

    • Anyone who bought in before the Q3 release and then dumped took quick losses, not profits. Disappointing stock performance to be sure, but I believe the sellers will be proven wrong. Hope so anyway.

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      • I agree with you. With what is going on with Select Comfort (30% sales growth) I don't see how this stock can loose in the long term. The flyer that I got on 3rd quarter results calmed me down. I believe management knows htat they need some professional help with Investor Relations.

        Think about this: Bluefire does the PR/IR for Select. If at the presentation they conducted 3 days ago they had started with Select and then followed with a presentation on WEX anybody in the room would have connected the dots and said if Select is growing at 30% and 50% of WEX's sales come from Select (with about 2 1/2 years remaining on the contract), maybe we should look at WEX.

        I sure hope management is looking at Bluefire for help

    • still here 25,000 shares strong but not happy

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