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    • then the managers at WLET should make sure they
      are driveing the right train. The track that they are
      on is not the same one everyone, or so it seems, on
      the NASDAQ exchange seems to be riding. WLET is down
      by one half at the same time the market doubles.
      WLET doesnt run 1.5 shifts because they dont want to
      inconvenience their employees, they dont have the orders to
      fill the remaining time, the same holds true for their
      machinery. I am to the point of calling it quits on this
      stock and buying stock in a company that has better
      focus and goal for the future. The goal for this
      company seems to be cloudy at best. If anyone has a
      clearer picture of the companies plans for the future it
      would be nice to hear from you. Thanks

    • WLET is finally doing some things that they
      should have done a long time ago. Making more of its own
      product and actually going out to get customers in stead
      of waiting for them to come to WLET. They still need
      to lower their overhead some how. They do have some
      state of the art equipment and a great manufacturing
      plant but they only run 1 � shifts. WLET needs to get
      more work to use that equipment. By the way I also own
      about 5000 shares also at a much higher price. How many
      businesses do you know that would keep their CEO if the
      stock fell to less then half of what it was? It can not
      be just us that are worried how WLET is doing.

    • THE overhead just kills small co;s such as WLET,
      The downturn in SELECT COMFORT sales is really hard
      to digest when top offciers are being paid equal to
      running a 70to80 million co BY THE WAY< I OWN APP 5000
      shares, all at higher prices....

    • The top 3 executives made $615,000 last year they
      are also 3 of the 7 board of directors and all have
      golden parachute contracts, again I ask you why would
      they leave? If your brothers wife is an accountant of
      the wlet then she should know the problems wlet is
      having, way too much overhead for what little business
      they have, two big customers and a few little ones.

    • Just because the top execs are getting more money
      right now isn't all that bad! How would it look if the
      company kept changing the top people because they just
      weren't paying enough? They have to compete with the
      other companies salaries around Mankato as well or they
      will lose the key people. As for the stock price... it
      SUCKS right now... I'm in for the long haul it look as
      well... bought 2200 shares at 2.68 so I've been watching
      it go up and down for a while now. One key thing is
      my brother's wife is an accountant for the company
      too... :-)
      Good luck with your portfolios!

    • Everything about this co is plus,, site, building
      manufacturing room for expansion, state of art equipment, ect,
      YOURSELF<< EOM<<<<

    • as I am. We got in much higher than the stock is
      worth now so we may as well be optomistic and hang in
      for the long haul but not quite optomistic enough to
      purchase more for stock cost averaging, and I only bought
      when the stock cost 2 5/8ths. There are some who
      bought it when it was over 4, OUCH!!!! I bought this
      stock because I felt it may over time perform like
      Plexus of Neenah Wis. had. So I too am in this for the
      long term. I only get on this board often enough to
      post messages like the one three ago, and to see if
      anyone else has anything new to contribute.

    • Things like Iso registration and Y2K compliance
      are a big drain on the short term with longer term
      payout. I for one am going to stay long and watch the
      next act unfold. AIRB business is a good base of
      business for WLET and it is encouraging to see that AIRB
      is working so hard to improve growth when their same
      store sales are still up and the overall growth is
      respectable. WLET appears to have a good grasp of the
      importance of building and maintaining customer
      relationships and cost management.

    • If your nervous about WLET, Dont pass up this
      opportunity. I just got the skinny on a new stock that is
      available for entry on the ground floor. Here is your big
      chance get in as early as possible. This stock is so new
      that it has not yet announced a product line, has no
      property or mailing address and has not established a
      profit eating sales force yet. You can't even get a
      prospectus on this baby, that'a how new it is. Further
      substantive proof that this stock is a great inveatment is
      that it has a PE of N/A, which, as everyone who is
      anyone knows, is the most common PE in internet
      stocks(which this one may or may not become)and it has shown
      no appreciable increase in the debit ledger while
      still maintaining a stable Bertram ratio. Buy now
      before it is issued. Remember, you heard it here
      first.....TLDB...... This is the only stock that is entirely supported
      by rumor, inuendo, hype and the appropriate level of
      internet spam. Buy now, don't look back later with regret.
      Remember you can only lose what you invest. You can't even
      short this stock because it has no tangible value
      whatsoever. What does this mean to you? THE STOCK CAN NOT GO
      DOWN IN PRICE. You can not beat the upside potential
      of this stock. BUY IT

    • ...have been greatly exaggerated."

      --- Winland Electronics --- 9/2/99

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