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  • Corporate_Barbarian Corporate_Barbarian Apr 29, 2000 6:56 PM Flag

    At least we picked up some....


    That's generally a pretty bullish sign.

    Not that I'm a huge fan of the Hankins (where is that new product, guys????)

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    • Not one basher, but several! I'm especially
      impressed w/ the one who took the time and effort to put
      the WEX symbol in their nom de plume,

      lil' ole WEX/WLET, moving between 2-3.5 for years, and
      now it merits a bevy of bashers? it hasn't even run


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      • I think alot of the bashers are day traders and
        not in it for the long term, as for the guy that
        complained about it not equaling PLXS look at Plexs during
        the early years it didnt do any better than WEX. Ease
        up on it and give the stock a chance if you are a
        day trader your're right there are probably better
        stocks short-term, but you may not be right over the
        next two to three years. I have owned this stock for
        about 9 months and I will continue to hold it.

    • Ws that for this march or were we a year early??

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      • When I bought this stock I percieved it as
        another PLXS out of Wisconsin. I believed that it had the
        dedicaton and management skills to follow in the same path
        as PLXS. Since I bought this my PLXS stoc has gone
        from 22 to 78 and my WEX has gone from 2 7/8 to 2
        3/8ths. I no longer have the faith in management that I
        once had because they seem far more capable of lining
        their own pockets than their are of running a company
        with any innovation and dedication. I dont think their
        heart is in it for the long term, it has all the
        eararks of a quick buck project at work. I hope Im wrong
        as I will be holding my shares alittle longer.

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