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  • luana2045 luana2045 Oct 17, 2009 7:52 PM Flag

    Yawn.... to all these idiot short scare tactics

    Yes, Joe frightened also....maybe if there were real DD done these long bagholders would not be so clueless.

    Amazing how they do such little, if any, work before pulling the trigger, their only hope is to pump and dump before the truth is found out.

    Who will be the next sucker??????????

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    • Yeah real scared up over 600% .. not really worried at all .. have done the DD and if you think this drug program for ALZ has no value (my guess is anywhere from 75-100M just on the ALZ program alone) youre crazy .. im sorry you missed the boat .. EPIX has about 50M of debt left .. 4 drug programs still up for sale .. hmmmmm 66M O/S ... you do the math .. GSK backing .. Citigroup and Prescott group put about 15M into this after the bad news on July 21st .. ive done my homework .. have you? Just keep bashing and you might be able to get some shares, but prolly not at the price youre looking for.