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  • phongdinh_2000 phongdinh_2000 Oct 22, 2009 7:41 PM Flag

    FDA approval Drug not sold yet Look VRMLQ

    look the chart of VRMLQ is take 3 month go to 20.00
    not only one weeks from time they are bk exactly same as EPIX
    after they been BK for while FDA approval, and they out money
    also, and take them 4 weeks stock go to 1.00 2.00 and 3.00
    after stock went to 5.00 they able to raising money to operation
    there business and investors the potential, keep buying that stock

    now EPIX I know they don have approval certificate from FDA, but they been successfully trial data has been approval by FDA, that mean they have 90% change to get through there drug,look HSGI, DNDN JAZZ they do not have fully approval from FDA yet but report data positive. is same EPIX, or EPIX may get better,

    do not worry about the auction there asset, we know is nothing money to give to shareholders on the moment, but potential drug going to do well that count on.

    IPIX may change the symbol to EPIXQ after they done with creditor, they will start over with potential this drug.

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