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  • simpkinsco simpkinsco Mar 18, 2011 9:02 AM Flag

    Great day to buy into a 40.00 stock

    The cash flows are huge-- The lowered long term debt schedules, and add the 5 yr payoff on debts and you are looking at near a 20% compound growth for years to come..I'll take that.
    Then as soon as the debt is paid down The shareholders will get the cash flows as dividends..The story here is good

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    • There will be a speical dividend toward the end of the year further putting them in debt.institutions own 93% of the stock,so this company is their private piggy bank.they are going to get something for their investment.

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      • That's all great, but where are the leading edge products & drugs in development that are about to make WCRX a unique and sought after stock? I just don't see anything in their pipeline that separates this company/stock as one of the true leaders in Pharm. The whole sector is in the tank, plagued by expiring patents allowing generics of once profitable drugs, and an FDA that won't approve anything new.

        Unless we start hearing great news of a new drug on the cusp of approval, I just don't see anything but perhaps a long-term value play here with the Pharm sector. Just my $.02.